I Ate This! Post pictures of food!

  1. You had me at pork belly...:lol:

  2. The dumplings look tasty..
  3. WOOOOW...looks incredibly delicious!!!
  4. the xiao long bao looks so pretty & everything looks yummy! I'd really love some of that shrimp & peanut soup right about now.
  5. Had Japanese for lunch :smile:

    Sushi set. Loved the mackerel and salmon the most.

    Natto sushi

    US Rib eye steak in wafu steak sauce. Served with a side of miso soup, japanese pickles and salad.
  6. ^That sushi set looks good..
  7. that's some amazing lunch!
  8. Tea and macarons at Paul Boulangerie.


    Hot chocolate

    Creme brulee and moellux chocolate slice.

  9. ^Your food pics are delicious! I can't wait to eat sushi again!
  10. ^^That hot chocolate looks good.
  11. ^beautiful treats...what a fun thing to do! my favorites are the rich hot chocolate & the creme brulee.
  12. Well, Yay this thread is a sticky now! I am looking forward to seeing lots more amazing dishes in 2014!

    Happy New Year everyone! :party:
  13. woohooo! :woohoo: :ghi5:

    happy new year to you too!
  14. Happy New Year!!
  15. Happy New Year!! :smile: