I Ate This! Post pictures of food!

  1. Yum...baked chicken!

  2. Mmmmm...looks like a comforting dinner!
  3. Looks so good!
  4. Bison chili nachos (visited Colorado)
  5. haha...love the CO twist!
  6. Looks tasty! LOVE Colorado..one of my favorite states! Which city did you visit?
  7. Brownie with blackberries and salted almonds:


  8. They all look fab!
  9. I visited Colorado Springs and Denver!

    Sweet and salty!
  10. ^Both great cities..
  11. Made chicken chili for dinner.....
  12. ^sounds like an interesting brownie. how did you like it?

    ^chili is perfect for a cool day!

  13. It was very nice.
  14. Yum!!

    Looks great

    Vietnamese is one of my fave cuisines!! Delicious!

    Oh potatoes--my fave!

    So indulgent mmm

    Wow never tried a brownie with blueberries!