I Ate This! Post pictures of food!

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  1. ^las vegas' famous buffets...yum! the ribs look delicious.

    ^wow...snow crabs on the buffet too? that's fantastic!

    ^the meatball sub looks drool-worthy!
  2. ^INCREDIBLE desserts!

    ^the pasta salad looks yummy...especially with the little mozzarella & stuffed grape leaf!


    ^:roflmfao: ...looking for the LIKE button :tup:
  3. Sauteed swiss chard & kale. Pumpkin filled ravioli.

  4. ^Yum.
  5. It was so delicious, and I wanted to try as much as possible!

    Yes! I love that they were already split in the middle...less work!

    This looks delicious! I absolutely love kale!
  6. Special lunch today at school. We have a big marathon on today.

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  7. ^everything on that plate is delicious!

    ^looks like a very special lunch!
  8. Wonderful meals on here :drool:

    I went to a new place yesterday... actually the bistro and patisserie of the very best bakery in town:

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  9. Vietnamese Bun Thit Noung...so good!
    Today's brunch...and mimosa. (It was more like champagne with just a splash of orange juice, lol!)
  10. Scrumptuous!
  11. Those pastries look amazing!
  12. what an amazing patisserie! those goodies look fabulous. your lunch looks yummy too.
  13. Thank you. It was great.

    This looks fabulous. I like the mauve icing.

    Would love to try this.
  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1384354542.454125.jpg

    Baked Chicken
    Green Beans w/ Red Onions
    Loaded Mashed Potato