I Ate This! Post pictures of food!

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  1. What a spread!
  2. Holy delicious!!!
  3. ^It was really good!
  4. This makes me hungry!
  5. So, I went a little overboard at a buffet in Vegas, but I just couldn't help myself lol! I started out with an assortment of sushi and a tomato gazpacho...

    Next up is a delicious bowl of hot chicken soup...

    Beef rib on the left, pork rib on the right; with some mashed potatoes, topped with mushrooms...
  6. A little tasting of their curry potatoes with naan...

    A generous portion of steamed snow crab legs and shrimp...
  7. ^needloub-it all looks really good..especially the soup & crab legs!
  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1383787846.215676.jpg
  9. :drool:...and I didn't even share dessert!
  10. Pecan pie...

    Red velvet whoopie pie


    Multi-berry ice cream (tasted more like yogurt to me)

    Mousse cake

    And yes, I tasted all these delicious items from the buffet in one sitting...a very long sitting indeed! :lol::P
  11. Lunch

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  12. Dinner

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  13. This looks so refreshing!
  14. Yum! I want the flan and mousse cake! :P
    This looks really good..
  15. That food all looks so delicious Needloub! Kind of makes me wish I had a second disposable stomach so I could eat all of it in triplicate!