I Ate This! Post pictures of food!

  1. ^everything looks delicious! the lemongrass cooler is something I'd definitely like to sample.
  2. Everything looks delicious. And I agree, the lemongrass cooler seems tasty!
  3. DH wanted to have a sizzling steak for our anniversary dinner, and it wasn't hard for my to oblige with this sizzling rib-eye...

    Our waiter gave us some treats to end the night...cheesecake creme brulee, ice cream, and chocolate cookie with a fruit chutney...
  4. Mmmmm

    This all looks delicious, especially in a comforting way!

    Based on what you post, we are often alike in ordering!! I adore all of the things you posted, especially the ribeye mmmm
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1381696485.959803.jpg

    Loads of sushi and tuna crispy rice!

  6. The lemongrass cooler was really good. Not too sweet nor too weird tasting. It was perfect with the savory food we ate :smile:
  7. Looks great! Happy anniversary~
  8. ;)

    You have me craving sushi now. With the loads of sweets, heavy food, and wine tasting this weekend...I need a cleanse lol!

    Thank you!!
  9. ^wonderful meal...hope you had a very happy anniversary!

    ^oh yum! I've been craving sushi forever. your pic is making me :drool:

  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1381764180.600047.jpg

    Bigeye tuna tart with truffle oil.. Amazing!
  11. Yes, we did. Thank you!

    This looks amazing! Yum!
  12. Happy anniversary! :smile:
    Now you have be craving sushi..
  13. The drink and ravioli look good!
  14. Thank you Sweetpea!
  15. I was able to experience this amazing pop-up restaurant...

    The amuse bouche started was an oyster and a black fig pico de gallo

    The first course was my favorite; smoked herring, with a ricotta lemon chantilly, Peruvian potato salad, pancetta chips, and smoked gelee

    The second course was a skate wing tempura, with lamb chorizo and squash succotash