I Ate This! Post pictures of food!

  1. Last night's dinner..pho w/sliced beef. Pretty tasty.

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    Pho is one of my favorite things on this planet! I get so much stuff in my soup, though, that it looks like a protein circus!

    Now craving bao!!

    Happy anniversary!

  3. Peking duck is one of my favorite meals in the universe! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!
  4. To be honest, they didn't have a distinct taste to me. Tasted like white bread, I suppose. It was delicious when I put some of the duck and sriracha inside lol.

    This looks so good!


    Thank you!
  5. DH decided to continue our anniversary throughout the weekend (the only time he is free) and surprised me with my first cronut. Oh, it's amazing...what took me so long?!?
  6. Reposting...
  7. They're soooo good!!!
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    White anchovy, miso-infused cream cheese and a sheet of nori... Surprisingly amazing
  9. I had to google what a cronut was! Wow!! Looks tasty!

    Looks interesting! :smile:
  10. ^what a TREAT! your DH is a sweetie.

    ^I can imagine that dish would be fabulous because it's reminiscent of a JB roll. it's presented beautifully.
  11. I'm addicted! I want another one tomorrow!

    Now this is an interesting combo!

    My DH had no idea as well, and I told him that I have been dying to try one...voila...I'm an addict!

    He has his good moments, especially when he brings treats lol!
  12. Shrimp poppers and fries with curry garlic dip. Yummmm

    Roast beef with mashed potatoes

  13. those shrimp poppers look yummy!
  14. This looks delicious! Curry garlic dip...I need to try this :idea:
  15. Lemongrass cooler. Refreshing!


    Ricotta cheese ravioli


    Five-cheese pizza. Best pizza I've ever had.


    Osso buco


    Mango flambee with Butternut ice cream. Sweet endings.