I Ate This! Post pictures of food!

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  2. Here is my Caesar salad from the resort...
  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1375630738.015457.jpg
  4. We also had a light appetizer consisting of scallops over a corn puree...
  5. These look delish! What a refined Caesar!

    Oh my!
  6. Poque-poque (omelette) pizza

  7. Can't forget the delicious dessert we devoured...vanilla custard flavored with orange zest with a hard caramel layer...a delicious twist on a classic creme brulee.
  8. Chocolate birthday cake :p it took me quite some time,but it was delicious!
  9. I was in Cassis, Southern France and I had this amazing king crab meat sandwiched in strawberry jelly puddings. It tasted soooo good!

  10. Great design!

    Looks amazing!
  11. ^that looks like an interesting meal. is it breakfast? are the long things toward the top of the plate the dried fish?

    ^yummy club sandwich! the cucumbers seem like a great addition.

    ^mmmmm mmmmm good!
  12. ^one of my most favorite meals! yours looks fabulous!

    ^STUNNING presentation!

    ^looks good...is it nachos?
  13. ^oh my...LOVE scallops!

    ^sounds yummy!

    ^what a treat!