I Ate This! Post pictures of food!

  1. Everyone's dishes look delicious!
  2. DH and I had some good ol' calamari during our trip...
  3. Yum!
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1375203246.523580.jpg

    Saw this online and wanted to share the concept! I think my eyes came out of my sockets when I saw this :smile: don't eat much "junk" food but years ago I would take a bite of an Oreo and follow it up with a cheeto! Lol I know I'm strange
  5. ^Whoa...that's too much filling! lol
  6. needloub-yum..now I want calamari..
    GoGlam-love me some Oreos..lol.
  7. Couldn't forget some of the desserts DH and I enjoyed...
  8. Delightful
  9. Looks divine..
  10. Oh my!!!!!!!!!
  11. Recent take out. I had to pull over and eat a piece before I reached home :giggles: it was absolutely delicious. If you're ever near North Carolina State Univ, stop by Soo Café. You'll be glad you did

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    Amazing drinks at one of my favorite Parisien hotels, Le Meurice

    Savory corn pudding with restaurant-made Doritos
  13. They look finger-licking good!

    Oh, that corn pudding looks so comforting!
  14. Yum! Southern food is so good
  15. It's Korean, but still yummy