I Ate This! Post pictures of food!

  1. Thanks so much! Lets meet over bellinis! I'll have passion fruit! What's your poison!? ;)
  2. :drinkup: I'll go with classic peach, but I'd love to try passion fruit!
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    I have to share my yummy entree, lamb chops, with lamb belly, along with a fennel and kumquat hash...

    This our side dish...macaroni and cheese with bacon crumbles...
  4. I wish I had that salad - I want Feta cheese!
  5. ;)

    This looks great! What kind of pasta is that in the Mac and cheese? Looks intense lol

  6. Those lamb chops look so good!
  7. ^looks like a fabulous dinner! I've never tried (or heard of being served) lamb belly. how was it?
  8. Starter Shrimp Toast


    Tuna Caesar Sallad:

  9. They were egg shells mixed with different cheeses...just yum!

    They were well seasoned!

    It was a bit fatty, but the salty taste was divine lol!
  10. ^looks like my kind of meal...yum yum!

    ^hehe...sounds good. can't wait to see the goodies you have while on your trip.
  11. Made these crispy soy garlic chicken for dinner~

  12. ^looks yummy!
  13. Looks delicious!