I Ate This! Post pictures of food!

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    Then I made this - steamed tapioca in coconut milk. It's dessert fest today.
  2. Recipe please!
  3. Chicken pesto sandwich & side caesar salad..pretty tasty..could not finish! Grilled shrimp over blazing noodles, really good..
    sandwich.JPG noodles.JPG
  4. My favorite Mediterranean food...

    Watercress pasta with feta cheese and lamb kebabs!


  5. ^sounds interesting...looks pretty too

    ^mmm...sounds yummy!

    ^looks like a wonderful meal!
  6. I went to a local coffee shop/bakery this morning..had a very delicious cappuccino..
  7. Yum!!
  8. Ugh! I'm dying! I skipped dinner tonight, I shouldn't have come here. Everything looks so good!
  9. Homemade chocolate chip cookies
  10. Looks delicious!!!
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    Deconstructed carrot cake! I usually am not a fan, but this was amazing :smile: cream cheese gelato!
  12. ^they look so yummy I can almost smell them! :p

    ^beautiful presentation! so glad to hear that it tasted great too.
  13. Love homemade chocolate chip cookies!

    This looks really tasty!