I Ate This! Post pictures of food!

  1. Feeling nostalgic about Cali...seared scallops over a bed of corn puree and polenta cakes, topped with arugula...
  2. scallops, polenta, & arugula...some of my most favorites :drool: :heart:
  3. :ghi5:
  4. Anything scallops..I love..
  5. I would love this right now!
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1366861839.814097.jpg

    Indian dessert called halwa made out of carrots


    Various small desserts to end a food tasting
  7. are all of these desserts indian food? I love the slab of wood they used for a tray in the 2nd pic.
  8. F&F that wooden piece was SO heavy... I've lifted a log of wood before but this seemed to have a hidden brick inside lol. Just the halwa is Indian, homemade by me. The others include mini versions of: pineapple upside down cake, a shredded chocolate donut, bark made of honey and various nuts, and green apple fruit pâté/jelly and canneles.
  9. lol...so the wood-slice tray is clearly only for looks. you made the halwa? very cool. your nails & mani are beautiful too.
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1366906449.178156.jpg
    Hazelnut semi-freddo from Redd in Yountville, CA
  11. ^perfectly delicious dessert...happy birthday!
  12. Thank you :smile:
  13. The Mcrib sandwich in all its glory. So good that i had saved a pic. Now only a memory...dang...I wish it were back!

  14. Is the hawla served cold?

    This looks delicious!