I Ate This! Post pictures of food!

  1. I would say it's closer to a strata because of the bread.


  2. Pretty presentation!
  3. that look delicious.

    It's so pretty!

  4. That looks soooo good! I hate breakfast food usually, but this looks amazing.

    I made a super complicated chicken dish that looked really cool but took a long time to make. :p It's Paper Wrapped Chicken - here's the recipe on my blog. It's from my favorite Chinese cookbook, Ken Hom's Complete Chinese Cookbook.
  5. It wasn't too bad!! The recipe is on my blog (in my signature) if you are interested :smile:
  6. No problem! Yours look tasty! I love it because its so easy to make.
  7. looks beautiful! I've made fish en papillote (the french way), & chicken in foil packets, but never chicken in parchment paper. I hope you family (or whoever ate that with you) appreciated your hard work.

  8. I bet it was really tasty!
  9. Today's dessert..
  10. Thanks - just checked it out! PS - you have a great blog - added you to my must read list:smile:

  11. This is interesting!!
  12. This does look interesting! How can you tell if the chicken is done?
  13. When DH and I were traveling, we stopped at one of our go-to restaurants. I had the lamb chops while DH had halibut. We also had to order the lobster mac-and-cheese....
  14. those lamb chops look amazing! how do you keep finding places with lobster mac & cheese? :p :drool:
  15. ^Blame my DH! :lol: