I Ate This! Post pictures of food!

  1. I made these over winter break for my brother's band concert bake sale.. But I ate like 15 of them! haha

  2. My friends and I ate on a Japanese restaurant and I had Chicken Teriyaki
    and California Maki

    Yum yum!
  3. Everything here looks delicious!
  4. Soooooo hungry right now.... everything looooks good:drool:
  5. had the omakase at nobu and it was amazing-kumamoto oysters, toro tartare, black cod with miso, rock shrimp tempura, and on and on :drool:. unfortunately, SO and i were too busy eating to remember to photograph the food, so here are the two photos i managed to snap (of our least favorite courses unfortunately :sad:).

  6. and dinner at lure fishbar. i've had lobster rolls at pearl oyster bar, mary's fish camp, etc but i have to say this is one of the best i'd ever had.

  7. Here are some yummy dishes!!! Enjoy!!:wlae:

    I should explain, from left to right:
    1. Best pizza: Di Fara
    2. Sushi buffett
    3. Nobu, tuna
    4. Nobu, seafood
    5. Yakitori
    best pizza in NY.jpg sushi buffett.jpg nobu tuna.jpg nobu dish.jpg Yakitori.jpg
  8. I would totally take pictures of the food i eat, except that i never eat anything interesting :sad:
    So instead there are a handful of food blogs that I read religiously so I can eat vicariously through other people and drool over their photos :drool:
  9. Yummy Sushi Place called Shodan, we asked the chef to make us a special and this is what he came up with!

    Rolled sushi with strawberries, shrimp, top layer of salmon grilled only on one side, a sweet fish sauce and a diced strawberry sauce with a tealight enclosed by a piece of carved cucumber all on top of a HUGE block of ice. This place is TDF


  10. mmm that was so amazing... can't wait til we go back! BIG CHEQUE!! ;)
  11. I'm so hungry right now! :drool:
  12. ^^me toooooo... :girlsigh:
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    Baked Lasgna

    Rip Plate At Rudys in Austin Texas


    Super Big Donut From Round Rock Donuts in Round Rock Texas
  14. lunch time is not a good timew to be looking at this post
  15. OMG Jen that food looks amazingggggg! :drool:

    Here's a few I took on vacation!
    fish cake.jpg capresi salad.jpg hazelnut mousse torte.jpg toffee pudding.jpg