I Ate This! Post pictures of food!

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  1. #19936 Feb 15, 2020
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2020
    Valentine’s Dessert.

    Somlói Sponge Cake.


    Apple Cake :


    Omlette at the hotel .


    They were made to order at this Omlette kitchen:


  2. How cool is this! :yahoo:

    When I saw the salad ... Nordstrom’s came to my mine! Seeing the potatoes made me think my guess was right!

    I have tried all their fabulous extremely tasty salads except for salmon which i don’t care for, I am sure it’s also to die for if I loved salmon.

    I too was there Valentines Day. My hubby and I actually live there :giggle: and Miss Bo and Miss Evie love it there too.
    They say the leather booth cushions are so squishy soft.:girlsigh:

    We are regulars.

    We have tried their whole menu and not one thing is not liked! Yummy, I mean knock your socks off yummy!:loveeyes:

    We now and then give a different restaurant a shot and they always lose and back to Nordstrom’s we live :love:

    Their food is literally to die for! :hbeat:

    Everyone seriously should give Nordy’s restaurant a try ....

  3. So cool you too love Nordy’s to eat! :hbeat:

    Yes, their rolls are had to find in other restaurants! They are superb... we love them!

    We love everything on their menu.

    Our chef is amazing! When I see him I always compliment him highly :heart:
    Other restaurant chefs should taste their food .. they would drool :P:heart: and faint ..
  4. A few fans like SBD, ATB and GL love to eat at Nordstrom but you have provided the strongest recommendation yet — a ringing endorsement indeed :smile:. It really must be fantastic. I need to make an effort to eat there this year soon. Whenever I go to that mall, it is always a rush trip (usually on the days/hours when my SA is working, lol). Thanks for your post :smile:

  5. It was sooooo good Minda! I'm considering going back on Sunday (the last day of the special) and ordering it again. However, I've noticed whenever I go back to any restaurant to re-order a delicious dish, the 2nd time is almost aways not as good. So I'm debating :lol:
  6. I agree with you. The 2nd time after a great 1st time is disappointing.
    I think that's because one expects so much the 2nd time around.
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  7. There aren't cool restaurants or dessert places around me, so I had a strawberry sundae from Cold Stone Creamery yesterday. Cuz it had red and pink in it.

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  8. Excellent justification Smama! ;)
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  9. :lol::lol::lol:
    I usually don't finish, but I ate the whole thing!!!
  10. I love Cold Stone :smile:. Also their ice cream cakes too.

  11. Thank you for your kind response :heart:

    Nordy’s doesn’t disappoint. All their food is made with so much love :heart:

    Breakfast, deserts and coffee is out of this world too ... my Hubby and I gives Nordstrom’s a thumps up forever ...

    I am not much on cold sandwiches but Nordy’s knows how to make their sandwiches warmed with magical toasted crunchy bread :hugs:they just know how certain ingredient just sing to one another :blush: The chef creates magic on our plates each time we go .. guess you get it how I love this place :giggle:

    Looking forward on your thoughts when you eat there :happydance:
  12. Tonight's dinner grilled salmon and stir fry kale
  13. SB at home.
    Made some copycat SB blubbery muffins. Not exactly the same, but VERY close. Made only 4 to make sure it was good.
    Time to tweak the recipe!

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  14. I wish this was a scratch and sniff photo! Those look heavenly.
  15. These look as good as SB :smile:. You are immensely talented :smile:. I need to live near you to sample all your yummy recipes :smile: