I ate horse. HORSE!!!!!

  1. OMG!!! I swear I'm never, ever eating again. The dutch have a little snack here called Croquette's - kind of like a mushy, meaty, barrel-shaped snack of mystery. They crumb it, deep fry it and pop it in a fresh roll with French Mustard. They are disturbingly tasty.

    I was reading in the newspaper yesterday they they've completed some research and these things contain HORSE! WTF???!? Up to 32%!!!!!! Horse meat is also found in Hamburgers and Frikandel (another deep-friend snacky mystery).

    I was telling my Nail Lady today and she told me that she eats it all the time, that it's really sweet (I made a mental note never to go over to her place for dinner).

    I feel ill.
  2. Oh dear...I have a mild hangover and that made my stomach kind of sick...oh god...yuck!
  3. :throwup: OMG, I would die!!!! That is why I am a vegetarian!!
  4. Sorry hun, didn't want to make you feel ill. Waaaagh, we used to eat crocquettes when we were hungover :cry:!
  5. Ew. I don't eat meat, so I've never had one...but mom eats that stuff! I'll be sure to tell her. Also I heard Frikandel is like..really bad mystery meat to begin with, so that's no surprise! Why horse meat? :sad:
  6. Ohhh myyyyyyy... Cal that is awful- so sorry!!! :sick: :yucky:

    I am all for trying new things, but that is just too much!!!
  7. oh, cal -- i'd be traumatized too!

    i know more than i'd really like about the horse slaughter industry in the US -- but one thing i do know is that it's VERY expensive by the time it gets to europe. so i'm surprised to find it in a snack sort of thing. :confused1:
  8. That's what I was thinking, wouldn't it be cheaper to use a different meat?
  9. :wtf: How sad!
  10. i too am up for new things, but i really want to know whats in it before i try it...and HORSE is something im not about to try!
  11. Apparently is pretty cheap here - that's what my nail tech was saying. Beef and lamb is quite expensive. Yag.
  12. That is sad!
  13. :huh: at least you'll know for the future Cal!!
    Let me know what goodies I can send you to make up for the horse!!
  14. Oh the double standards with horse meat... remember that Ally McBeal episode???

    Horse meat is a delicacy where I come from. It tastes much better than pork or chicken, and apparently it's even healthier. Plus I've never heard of any horse meat scandal, like the ones concerning beef, pork and poultry. It's also rather expensive...

    A friend of mine breeds horses and guess what? She sends all the colts to that special happy place...nothing wrong with that.
  15. I think its obvious probably 98% of the civilized world does find something wrong with that. :sad: *sigh* Horses have always been pets, we'd expect the same reaction shown in this thread for cats or dogs.