I ate dinner 6 inches from Austin Powers!!!!

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  1. So, over the Easter week my parents were in visiting and they watched our kids so me & dh could stay in the city for 3 nites. One nite we went to this great restaurant, Balthazar. The tables are super close to one another. I'm chatting w/ hubby and happen to glance over at the people being seated right next to us and it was Mike Myers and his girlfriend:nuts: . He's divorcing his wife and dating a blonde, apparently. She was cute. Anyway, I ever so inconspicuously lean over to my husband and whisper that I think that's Austin Powers. He said, he knew but didn't want to make a thing about it, which of course I didn't. She ordered for the both of them and shared their food. He looked like a shlub so at first I didn't even recognize him. They talked about the upcoming w/e, etc. I really didn't listen much b/c I was having a romantic dinner myself.

    All my friends were joking that knowing me I stood up and yelled "Yeah baby, Yeah!!" I have more couth then they give me credit for.:yes:
  2. OMG sooo funny, i love him LOL
  3. Haha thats pretty funny ! I love Balthazar.:heart:
  4. ^^me to PM!! my fav :love: i don't know what i would have done if i saw him..i probably wouldn't be able to stop laughing!! he cracks me up
  5. Groovy Baby ;)

  6. Cute...thanks for sharing!
  7. Hhaha! funnn!
  8. It was funny, the next day I called my mom and told her I was right next to Mike Myers. She said, "Was he w/ a blonde?" I told her he was and asked how she knew. She said, "she just figured since he was divorcing his nice Jewish wife, he must be dating a blonde!" My mom cracks me up!
  9. Dang! you got to it before I did lol!!
  10. :roflmfao: He's hilarious!
  11. shu..I expect to see a blog entry about this!!:graucho::graucho: