I asked this is "Authenticate" but decided I'd....

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  1. get a quicker answer here. If you look inside your Downtown do you see the tops of the two rivets (feet on the bottom of the bag) on the bottom lining? Thanks!
  2. Hi jlarnold!

    I'm so glad you posted this great question here, so others who have a DT can hopefully help! My Vichy downtown has 4 brass 'feet' and does not have brass rivets on the inside of the bag (it is just suede). I believe most DTowns do have the 2 rivets on the bottom lining showing when you look inside the bag.

    Although I could not find specific pics of the inside of these bags, you can look at the YSL photo resource thread, page #4, post # 56 and you can see TPF member FanAddict's DT. She has a pic of her chocolate DT showing the bottom with 2 'feet'.
  3. Thank you gr8heart! I don't know why more "Downtowners" haven't responded to my question.......maybe I just don't "participate" enough though I'm on here several times a day it seems.. :sad:
    I had never noticed that certain styles have 4 feet while others only have 2. It almost appears as though the ones with the canvas have 2 and that the tops are exposed inside. I'd love more feedback on this!
  4. ^^Don't take it personally, jlarnold. I think its just that most tPFers wouldn't know the answer to your question off the top of their heads. I don't have the inside of my Downtown "memorized," lol! When I get home, I'll lug my Downtown out of my "purse closet," take out the stuffing, and post an answer. No worries. :flowers:
  5. OK..I really appreciate that! Thanks, Jamie
  6. I think it also may be because these authentication threads often end up getting closed by the mods since all authentication questions are supposed to go in Authenticate This, so that may have discouraged some people from responding. In reality, you're really just asking a general question about a Downtown feature so next time you might do better just by using your question as the thread title and leaving authentication out of it altogether.

    I have the same Downtown as gr8heart so I can't verify this personally, but I believe that Downtowns without external pockets, like the Vichy and Deerskin, have the four brass feet while all of the Downtowns with external pockets have the two feet with visible rivets in the bottom of the bag.
  7. Oh...I didn't think about that. I had originally posted it there but I wasn't sure it fit!!
    Me, being the impatient person that I am thought I would get a quick answer if I just posted it again.
  8. Ok I've got a black patent Downtown with two pockets outside (front and back), two feet on the bottom, and when I look inside at the bottom I see two rivets. HTH
  9. Thanks Cosmopolitan!!!!