I asked seller to lower custom

  1. Hi everyone I am new to this forum but please help.

    I was going to buy a bag from one seller on eBay. Basically I requested her to relist her bag again as I searched completed auction and found her bag and really wanted it. It cost me $1199 for the bag.

    Although the listing does not state at all that she will not lower the value for the bag, she clearly states to me in the email which I do not mind at all (basically cuz I like the bag so much :smile:)

    Anyway I lost my wallet last week not sure what time but I called my card companies straight away as soon as I realised I lost it and called the police etc. to report. When I received my replacement card this sat, that was when I was able to check and see my balance. I found out that my card was misused for about $1000 (I am in the UK by the way) so I called my bank again and they said they were going to look into it. What happened then with the state of panicking I went through the list of things I have to pay and the most expensive thing on the list was to pay custom :sad: so I emailed the seller that I need to ask her to lower the custom value when she sends out the bag as it will cost me $300 (as I won't have enough money to pay for that with my account being wrecked by person who kept my wallet) if she states it in full. I was so hesitant in emailing her as I do really keep my words always but this time I feel this is thing I need to clear up in case I don't have money. :sad: I was even losing my sleep from this and I was thinking would it be better to tell her to keep the bag for me for maybe another 2 weeks since I have paid for it?

    As she has not replied to me since I was not sure what would her reaction be?
    I am not sure what to do. I am so guilty and disgusted in myself as I try my best to keep my words :sad: I dont want to be broke with no money to eat though and that's the thing :sad: Anyway good news is today my bank has got me money back (thanks to them) I have already emailed the seller again to say to her I am so sorry about the hassles. Not sure if this is the right thing to do as I want to apologise to her for causing the hassles.

    Please help. Thank you ever so much for your help.
  2. I'm sorry about the situation with your wallet! I'm not really sure what the seller will tell you. I've had people ask me to mark items lower than their value and won't do it because it's illegal. Has the seller shipped your bag yet? As much as you really love the bag and want it, maybe it's better to see if you can cancel the transaction with the seller if you won't be able to pay the customs fees without jeopardizing your ability to eat. Sorry, I'm not really sure what else to suggest.... This is kind of a tough one.... Best of luck, and let us know what happens!
  3. If sellers insure what they are shipping, and insure it for the full value, they have to declare that as the value, don't they?
  4. Yes.