I appreciate all the nice people on this thread...

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  1. To all the nice folks who offer their opinions and kind words I want to let you know that you are awesome and I appreciate you...for the most part on this forum there are some sweet geniune LV lovers with intergrity and I really like that...just wanted to express that....:yes:
  2. I love having you in here too pug plus your threads are always fun..keep the coming..
  3. Aww-you are just as sweet as your pug picture...:flowers:
  4. Thanks LV Pug, I love reading your threads....keep them coming! :smile:
  5. Thanks lvpug...I feel the same about you and all the wonderful people on this board :heart:
  6. Pug~ You took the words right out of my mouth! Thanks and I too enjoy you as well;)
  7. These people are a great bunch, aren't they? Insightful, helpful, and fun -- a good group!
  8. I just love coming to this thread because of all of you guys and felt like I should let you know. Chatting about LV with all of you is the best and so much fun for me!!!!!!!
  9. Pug... I think you are a sweety for sharing your insights and thoughts with your threads... If you didn't ask the questions... All the really knowledgeable PFers wouldn't have answer your cool threads... Thank you for being one of the many PFers that I can relay on too...:shame: :yes: :yes:
  10. That's why I always keep on coming back for more! I love hearing about how everyone is getting this and that, and it just makes me fall in love hearing the stories, and especially seeing the pics of the new goodies!
  11. What a nice thing to say! You are very sweet and I love reading your posts!
  12. I am so appreciative of you who take the time to help authenticate - your expertise is invaluable and helps many of us newbies. Thank you for your time and helpfulness!!
  13. Sooo many sweet kind people on this thread which is the best....you guys rock and you rock your LV....hugs to all with good hearts and love LV....
  14. Thanks LVPug!! We :heart: you too!!
  15. Thanks pug!!!!!!!!!! My sentiments exactly...I love the LV forum!!!!!!!