i apparently have no self control...so...

  1. *sigh*

    it has become quite obvious that i cannot be left on my own to just buy NECESSITIES (but every girl NEEDS a good black bag. and a red one. and maybe another black one...? ooh, and a leather one).

    seems i have dipped into next semester's tuition money a bit too much. oops.

    this is quite possibly the worst time EVER to put myself on a ban, considering the after thanksgiving sales and then the christmas sales...but it must be done, no? and i am sure i will whine and complain like a little kid, with occassional hissy fits...

    so, let's start small. NO new bags, accessories (shoes included) from coach or any other brand deemed equally desirable by me at the time until january 1, 2007. AND all new things, with the exception of new gallery satchel and lurex sneakers must be returned, even though i might cry by doing so.

    AND all money from returning above items must be returned to my savings account so i can actually go to school next semester.

    i feel like i'm writing my last will and testament. (in which case, you all get my possessions equally, but bury me with something little, like a scarf at least...)

    though all of this will be considered void should i get a job over christmas break. :P

    and, yes, this is all coming from a lack of sleep and sugar-induced mania. hehe.
  2. Oh, my!! I feel your pain, I'm on a ban until after Christmas, too. You can do it!!!
  3. this is going to be especially hard on nights, like tonight, when i can't sleep...stupid ebay is too tempting.
  4. i have to stop myself too! since i'm not going to be working so much.

    we should have a support group or something ;)

    no more shopping...sigh..hardest thing everrrrr. and yeah. ebay, internet, shopping 24/7.


    not easy!
  5. I'm trying. I've been buying one here and there. I just like too many of their stuff!
  6. Good luck....it will be hard, but you can do it! January isn't too too far away.
  7. Sometimes when I am wanting a new bag but know its not the right time, I will pick one from my closet that I haven't used for awhile. Sometimes you fall in love all over again.
  8. i just get so bored of bags so quick...i'm already bored of my carryall and my red hobo...
  9. Oh, that's too bad. I don't have a massive collection so I just enjoy the bags i have for now. When i can find the money, i splurge.
  10. good for you kallison! I've been living out of my longchamp tote cheap from the outlet since summer so I can pick up one bag during the sale, and then one more next year when I open a card at bloomies. then I'm swearing off till the summer sales. We'll do it together! December will be over before you know it. And I agree, with the exception of the lurex shoes!
  11. Me too :sad:
    My part time job just informed me that they can't pay me for awhile...
    so I guess I'm joining the club.
  12. We can all do it together my last Coach purchase was in June. I think of handbags all the time I'm learning to resist which is hard but self control is a wonderful feeling.
  13. kallison - I am so proud of you! I'll join the ban too - I just bought an LV bag, an LV planner and a coach patent mini skinny, lord knows i do not need to buy anything else purse related until at least after the holidays!

    But I still have my xmas list, fingers crossed... :smile:
  14. believe it or not, my christmas list includes very little coach.
    i NEED a new ipod more than anything else. (YES, it's a NEED. i will wither and die without my music). so i'm hoping someone who loves me will get me a 60gb video (and a nice legacy case would be nice, too...)
  15. maybe you should sell your hobo and carry all then? That way no guilt with the satchel? But do it in steps so its not like you feel naked all of a sudden without anything. its enough for you to relapse.