I apologize

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  1. I apologize if this is not a good question.

    I only own one Hermes bag in Togo.

    I have never seen a Crocodile Birkin.
    But on yesterday I was in a resaurant and saw a women
    with a Crocodile Birkin. I am ashamed to admit that I asked
    a co-worker change chairs with me (attempting to get
    a good look at the Birkin). He had no idea what was going on:graucho:

    Her Birkin appeared to be Embossed Croc???
    Was it an Hermes Brikin Crocodile?:confused1:
  2. I don't think H does embossed croc.
  3. but the grain is deep on croc and gator bags, can you give some details to explain "how it looked embosssed"???
  4. I have to admit that matte croc can look "embossed" from a distance. Up close, one can see that it really is croc.
  5. I agree with India, matte croc can look like embossed from a distance. If you could look relatively close-up, the best place to see whether a croc is real or embossed, is look at the curve of the handle. With real croc, there'll be stress points between the scales that because of the bend, looks like tiny little white hairline cracks between the scales. Also, on the side where it folds, the real thing will have little wrinkles because of the croc leather being folded, but the embossed obviously won't.
  6. Mudmud - thank you for the details, very well said!