I am "Zippy Chickenshorts", and you are? (lol)

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  1. I'm Fluffy Gorillachunks...I guess we must be related. :lol: :lol:
  2. ha ha! Loopy Bubbletush is me! ha ha!!!
  3. loopy livershorts
  4. poopsie bubble brain? i dont likey.
  5. greasy chickenchunks LOL
  6. this must all have some truth to it
    Angelina Jolie = Fluffy Bubblelips
    Jennifer Lopez = Zippy Bubbletush

  7. Hi ya cousin, We Gorillachunks gotta stick together.:lol:
  8. I am Zippy Applehiney OMG this is hilarious :nuts:
  9. :lol: !!! Thats crazy/true!!!
  10. My new name is Chim-Chim bubble head
  11. That made me think of Bubbles, you know Michael Jacksons monkey O_o
  12. Pinky Bubblehumperdink. My last name only has 3 letters so I had to use the 3rd letter for the last part.
  13. haha i'm ZIPPY CHICKEN
  14. Hello, I'm... "Poopsie Cootiebutt" (wth?!?!)
    sounds liek something my 8 year old would say haha
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