I am "Zippy Chickenshorts", and you are? (lol)

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  1. fluffy bubblefanny...

    reminds me of that embroidered pillow you see in old lady catologes sometimes...has sheep all over it and says "ewe's not fat, ewe's fluffy!" :smile:
  2. Ha! I'm Boobie AppleButt.
  3. Fluffy Appletushie here!
  4. this is hilarious!!

    i'm boobie cootiehead, pleased to meet you!
  5. I only have three letters in my last name :sad: .

    But anyway, my name is Snotty Cootie.

    Fun thread!
  6. Lol! Just read over more of everyones names. Too cute/funny!

    Did my bf - Zippy Gorilla, haha.
  7. Zippy Chicken buns here :smile:
  8. Yay! Glad to cheer you up even if it was only a little :]
  9. Haha, aw! It's the perfect lovey-dovey name! You should call him that, lol.
  10. crustyapple sniffer
  11. zippy monkey biscuits
    come and eat me, monkeys... :Push:
  12. I'm Buttercup Gizzardchunk
  13. hehehhe, my bf's new name is Goober Bubble. This is hilarious
  14. I'm Crusty Gigglebuns! I like it!
  15. Oh dear... I am Loopy Pizzatush
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