I am "Zippy Chickenshorts", and you are? (lol)

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  1. My name is Snotty Appleshorts, I think I belong on the strawberry short cake cartoons.
  2. :lol: That's soooo cool. Even weirder since your first name is the same as my mom's. I'm :love:ing your avatar.
  3. Just good old Lumpy Brains.. my last name doesn't have that many letters !!
  4. Crusty Gorillachunks...Hi yall
  5. Zippy Bubblebiscuits! :smile:
  6. ^^^Too cute.
  7. buttercup applenose
  8. Hey that actually sounds kinda nice!

    Hi, I am Chim-chim Bubblechunks :sick: :lol: :sick: :lol:

    ROFL, this is a cute thread. My side is hurting from all the laughing!
  9. Tootsie AppleBrain for me

    LOL Sounds like we're all minor characters in Harry Potter.
  10. ^ LOL :lol:

    I'm Chim-Chim Cootiesniffer :P
  11. I'm boobi bubble chunks. hahahahaha
  12. ROFL. from everyones names.. I love this thread.. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. LOL :lol:

    Boobie Toiletfanny
  14. I did my fiance's name: Buttercup Cootienose. Go figure! His name is way cuter than mine! :lol:
  15. Very cute thread. I am Loopy Applechunks!
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