I am Zero for Four... Got some cute sunglasses though!!

  1. :shrugs:

    Seriously... that is all I can say at this point. I am 0 for 4.

    I ordered 4 pairs of shoes during PCE... Zero will be making the cut. Apparently a higher power has decided that I do not need Coach shoes at the current time.

    If you read my other thread, I ordered the Starla in red & Ritah in gold. When they arrived... neither fit! My feet hung over the sides, and the Ritahs weren't comfortable to even try on, let alone walk in... they went back.

    In two seperate shopping trips, I ordered the Evalina sandals in khaki/white & the Nicola shoes in khaki/gold.

    The Evalinas arrived first... same problem with feet hanging over the sides. From the pictures, they looked like they had a wide base, not the case. They are being returned today. :sad:

    THEN... FedEx arrives at my house today (with 2 boxes - hurray!), my Alicia sunglasses & Nicola shoes arrived!!

    I opened the box for the Nicola shoes..... KNOWING they would fit, because they were the only pair I had tryed on in the store when they still had shoes in, AND.......... THEY SENT ME THE WRONG COLOR!!! I now have a lovely pair of black signature Nicola shoes... unfornuately, I ordered the khaki/gold.:huh:

    What can you do but laugh about it??? :shrugs: Apparently, I am not meant to have Coach shoes at the current time. I am returning second set of ones that didn't work today... and have vowed NEVER to order Coach shoes again, unless I can try them on in the store......... So I guess no more Coach shoes until the Troy store gets their shoe area back in.

    *sigh* BUT... on the bright side!!! I did receive my lovely Alicia sunglasses!! I :heart: them!! They are a bit loose, but I don't care - I am just going to take what I can get and not worry about it...

    Enjoy my pics of my final treasure from PCE!! My Alicia sunglasses in burgundy. (Sorry about the backdrop. I just put them up on the counter to take pics.) *sigh* I give up. :smash:
    Sunglasses1.jpg Sunglasses2.jpg
  2. cutesy!!! :smile:

    how much longer will Somerset be underconstruction?
  3. sorry to hear about the shoes. i love the sunglasses though!
  4. Wow, that's terrible that you had so many problems with the shoes. The sunglasses are really cute though:yahoo:
  5. I think it is going to be done sometime in June?? The area they are in right now is TINY though... so they shipped out all of the shoes they had before PCE week... I would love to stop over there on a Saturday... just to see how many ppl they can fit in there!! ;)

    You know - its not horrible, because I been looking on Zappos at some shoes that I could use for similiar things... I just HATE returning things. It doesn't bother me so much to send things back through the mail, but in person the SAs always give you those sad looks, so I feel bad.... Plus, I had it SET in my mind that I was going to get some Coach shoes at this PCE!!! (DH be darned, he hasn't like ones that I have gotten in the past.) So, I feel stupid that I got so hung up on ordering shoes, and then none of them fit/worked out.
  6. Sorry about the shoes...but the Alicia's are great. I have them in black and they are my favorite!!
  7. not to pry, but how much are the alicia sunglasses btw? I don't see them on coach.com, and found the tortoise ones on eBay for $108 shipped! (they do come without a case though)
  8. love the sunnies! so sad to hear about the shoes....

    jewelebeanie DONT get the sunglasses unless they will be shipped in a super sturdy case!
  9. Booo on the shoes! That stinks, I am having a hard time with finding shoes since I had my son-I think my feet changed somehow during the pregnancy.

    Anyway...very nice sunglasses at least!!

  10. Good point! I will pass one them. I would hate to receive them all cracked and broken. I think I'm better off going to a boutique and paying retail. I tend to be picky on the size and shape of the lenses.
  11. ^ jewelebeanie - I think they were in the neighborhood of $150 with PCE... I saw some pairs on eBay as well, but I am weary of buying things like that on eBay - one for the shipping risks, like batgirl0711 mentioned - and two - it seems like something like that would be next to impossible to authenticate, until it was sitting in your hands... Dunno, too many questions for me! :p

    Unfornuately, I don't know if they are even available anymore - unless you can find them at a store and have them shipped to you. (Which is what I had to do.) It's probably the try-on pair, but I didn't care at that point... I will just wipe them down with those anti-bacterial wipes before using, just in case....

    Well... I haven't been preganent, but I have gained weight drastically - so I am thinking that has affected the way shoes fit ( along with everything else!)... Since I stopped dancing though, I think my feet have spread wider?? I have no idea why.
  12. Wow, that sucks!
    At least you have more money now for the next PCE =)
    Congrats on your glasses, love em.
  13. ^ :yes: Thanks! I :heart: them too!!

    And yes, now I can put all of that $$$ towards the little accesories that are coming out mid-April!! (Round coin purse & I *hope* the Patti sunglasses...)
  14. That's too bad about the shoes.. but on the bright side, it probably means you can use that $$ towards bags/accessories :smile:
  15. Bummer about the shoes (AGAIN - arrghh!), but love the sunglasses. Burgandy is a great color too - that's what my Suzies are in and I adore them - they match everything! Congrats!