I am worried!

  1. I just bought a Betseyville weekender friskie on fashionflair.com.
    I need a cheap bag to throw around at the beach and lake with my kids. My concern is, am I now going to be sent a fake/knock-off? Do they even bother faking such cheap bags? Help, how in the heck do you authenticate a bag worth 100 bucks? :wtf:
  2. Does this site sell fakes? Need help, guys.
  3. The website doesn't seem to exist. But when I googled, I found a fashionflairs.com, and below the Google link it says they "[SIZE=-1]Offer various kind of designer replica watches, handbags, wallets and fashion accessories." So yeah, looks like it could be fake, but the "about us" section of the site says: "[/SIZE][FONT=arial, helvetica, times, sans-serif][FONT=times new roman, times, serif]Our website is updated daily with handbags, accessories, and jewelry from emerging designers." :shrugs:
  4. wordbox, oops, yes fashionflairs.com is what I ordered from. Do you think they bother with knocking off Betseyville handbags? Should I cancel my order?
  5. This was just emailed to me. So, do I take the chance? :shocked:


    All our Betsey are authentic.

    Thank you

  6. You should do what you feel most comfortable doing. Maybe you could try to find the same bag on another more reliable site that you know more about? Just go with your gut feeling!
  7. Oh and OT, but your baby is adorable!
  8. Thank you so much! Old picture, she is 4 now.:heart:
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  10. i have heard 1 or 2 users who said that fashionflairs is legit and has good customer service - maybe do a search on it in this forum!~

    I personally have not bought from them
  11. Ask about the return policy.
  12. They do not sell fakes- they sell legit bags- altho from some of the lower-end and new designers and they have a few "inspired" bags but those are CLEARLY marked. You won't find the high $$$$ here but nice bags for the money and good customer servive.
  13. I bought a Betsey Johnson from them and it was the real deal. They also have good customer service so if you don't like it send it back. If you want to cancel they have the same bag on betseyjohnson.com and on macys.com.
  14. Thank you guys for the input! Sorry about posting in the wrong forum.