I am WORKin It!

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  1. ok here is the pic of me carrying the bag


  2. Gorgeous. Its hands down the softest GH bag that I've touched.

    You lucky thing!!
  3. WOW!:nuts: I have really warmed up to the Anthra bags! CONGRATS!!!
  4. I really love the blue tint on your bag..and the leather :drool:...
  5. yes i really do love it...thx everyone!!
    ok one last shot..a nighttime shot.

  6. Oh my good gracious, that is gorgeous!!!! Congrats on a fantastic choice!!!! :yahoo:
  7. Wow! They're the BEST pics of Anthra I've seen. I really love the Anthra Coin too xo
  8. totally gorgeous! love your GHs and your super cute coin purse. anthracite is one of my favorite color from the 07 collection.
  9. Congrats, so beautiful!!!!!
  10. very hot! Love it!
  11. :yahoo:Congrats!!!
    That is one gorgeous Anthra, make that 2 Anthras. The leather looks so great, is it as thick as it looks in the pics?! What a score!!
  12. GORGEOUS!!!! We're anthrawork GH Twins! I love this bag.........congrats and great choice!:wlae:
  13. Wow, StBarts, that's a totally gorgeous bag. And I love the little baby coin purse -- what a sweet pair.
  14. Stunning bags!! That Anthracite looks GORGEOUS with the GH! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  15. not stbartschick but allow me to interject for a sec. When I saw this bag brought out I was like :drool:

    The leather on hers is beautifully broken in and slouchy. Its not as stiff and structured as the others that we compared against (although they all are distressed to some degree). Its a nice thickish leather too. Its not like the smooth finished ones that you sometimes see with GH. This one's like a giant thick soft pillow. I can't get over how soft it is though :yes: I'm so glad she took it and would have been :cursing: if she had left with a different anthra work.