I am WORKin It!

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  1. GORGEOUS!!! Love it in GH Bbags:smile: Congrats!
  2. Good job girl. ANthra looks super hot in your pics! Fantastic enabling Karenab!
  3. so pretty. congrats!
  4. i am in love:love: with the anthra GH it is beautiful!!!!!
  5. The leather looks amazing. And the matching coin purse is too cute! Congrats!
  6. here are two more pics of the bag and one of me carrying it. i don't have a full length mirror and the bathroom light isn't that great...


  7. wow anthracite looks really great with GH!
  8. Anthra is going to be my next bbag color! I think it's such a unique color. The leather on your work is so yummy!
  9. Thanks everyone...I'm really loving the bag. I never thought I would like a work but it fits my style..I love big bags and this certainly is one. I was thinking about a weekender but it's way too big for everyday for me. Plus the GH work fits over my shoulder easily unlike the RH work.
  10. Love this color with GH ... just so gorgeous! Congrats on new city and lil' coin purse (so cute)!
  11. love, love, love it! congrats on your new additions. :yahoo:
  12. Hey? where's the shot of you carrying it? I'm waiting woman :supacool:

    I LOVE the pics you took. You really captured the leather and colour well. We made out like bandits with the ones we picked. wooot wooot!!
  13. Yay! love it!:heart::yahoo:

    Were you the friend who was with Karen at the Trunk show?
  14. no i wasn't the friend with her at the trunk show. i wasn't able to make it b/c i was tied up at work.

    karenab - trying to download a decent pic of me carrying the bag.
  15. it's gorgeous. i am sooo jealous of you!!!!