I am wondering...Only from your Hermes store???

  1. Do you guys shop in other stores (including Hermes stores where you've never been to or you stop by during a trip, which could mean that you might never go back there...etc.) as well as your regular store, or if you see something you like in other store(s), you wait to buy it from your regular store? or just buy it wherever you see things you like?

    I don't know why...I would feel really guilty from buying other stores...(except Birkins:p ...even my SA told me to just buy Birkins/Kellys if I get a chance to buy them at any stores:rolleyes: ) Does anyone feel this way?
  2. Whenever I am traveling I try to make a point of stopping anywhere that carries Hermes (Neimans and consignment places). My main loyalty is to myself and my love of Hermes. If I see something that I must have, I get it and then show my SA when I return. SA is usually very happy for me.

    If it is an everyday thing like agenda, scarf or even an "easy to get bag" (picotin, etc.) I will make note of the color I saw and size, and have my SA order it.

    We move almost every 1 to 2 years due to my husband's work so I can't get too attached, although there are some SAs that I still miss because of their personal attention and friendship.

    I live close to two boutiques and do feel guilty about buying at the second one, so lately I will just have whatever I want transferred to boutique number 1, so my SA can get the sale. But there have been times when I have just bought it there because other people were looking at it or I just felt like having it there and then.

    We are after all the customer and the boutique is serving us. I try to remind myself of this because I tend to forget at times, especially with the wait lists, etc. But try not to feel guilty about getting something nice for yourself regardless of its source.
  3. No guilt here...if there is something I want and it is there for the purchase...no looking back for me! The beautiful Hermes goods are hard enough to find as it is!!!
  4. I'll look at the stores while I'm traveling, but I'm fiercely loyal to my store and my SA and, to be frank, it has paid off. He really takes care of me and also my friends. But I also have the advantage of being next to a flagship store.
  5. Most of my H store purchases come from 2 stores but if traveling, I definitely drop in other stores and don't feel bad if I find something I like (usually small) and purchase it there. I have had a lot of turnover in SAs over the years and might feel more like HG if I had a longstanding relationship.
  6. thanks for posting this. sometimes...I get all mixed up....not only in Hermes but other shopping places too...about feeling bad about saying no, turning down or sending back. I like that. I am loyal for myself and I have to do what is right for me!
  7. Does this work? I thought SAs didn't get credit selling things acquired through a store transfer? This would make me feel much better if I were to have my SA look for a bag or something!
  8. They do not get commission on the sale but do get the "sale" for their sale quota which they each have. Commission is usually split between all the employees anyway but they each have personal sale quotas.
  9. About the SA getting the sale, do the SA get compensated based on sales, get commissions, etc?
  10. Sorry we were posting at the same time.
  11. Yes they do get commission but if an item is transferred the commission dollars stay with the originating (sending) boutique although the sale is added to the SA requesting the transfer. The originating boutique keeps the money as the merchandise was from their own inventory.

    I think Hermes then added the "sales quota" to best see performance and be able to track employee performance that way.
  12. Speaking of 'saying no, turning down or sending back..', OMG:cursing: , I heard the weirest thing from a SA (NOT my regular one) at Hermes I just stopped by during a trip. She said her store does NOT order Birkin/Kelly for customers who has a history of returning items and not buying things regularly monthly bases! She told me they would pull up profile of customers before ordering bags to see if anyone has return history, and how much they spend monthly at their store...etc. AND finally, decide 'yes' or 'no' for ordering bags for each customer!

    She used words exactly like this 'We feel funny about customers who return items...' I have to say OMG again:mad: !!! It sounded like their customers should keep items no matter what if they want their bags to be placed an order AND they don't even know when they would be qualified (?) to place an order though:push:

    Well...I guess that store track down 'customer-performance' rather than 'SA-performance'!!!!!!!!
  13. ^^^ Ah, good to know - thanks!
  14. whenever we travel, i usually make it a point to check out the local H store just to see and feel and compare the diff. of it from my home H store. i love to check out inventory and most of the time i will see stuff i won't see from my local H store and i buy them there if i really, really like it. when i return, i make it a point to let my SA know next time i drop by that this purchase was made from a recent vaction trip etc. really, no need to explain to your SA but a lot of times they know what you're buying anyway (since they have your buying capacity on record or your CC #). lol
  15. The H store in my town is "just" a consignment one and I prefer to use the FSH half an hour away from my place for any major purchases...

    My preferred SA works at that FSH and since he is kindly committed to either finding or SO'ing me anything I am looking for, I am not tempted to buying anywhere else but there.

    However, I tend to taking advantage of the H consignment in my town whenever I drop off a piece to send in for treatment, because it's just a lot more practical:p .