I am wayyyyyy EXCITED!!!!

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  1. Hey all!!! So I am new to the Hermes forum, I am usually in either Chanel or Balenciaga, although I do like to lurk around here and drool over all your fabulous Hermes bags....Anyhoo.....Today I was in RiverSide Square mall In Hackensack NJ, I just went to go scope out a few items, I am in the LV boutique and I ask my SA if she knew when the H boutique was opening (I have been waiting for MONTHS), She looks at me and says 2PM:wtf:<----ME, I go "2PM today" hahaha, I look down at my watch and its 1:54PM.....SO I hightail it over there and there is literally a swarm of chic women in front of the store. So I get in line and I would like to say that I have never encountered a group of more serious shoppers in my life, I was suree I would suffer a stilletto puncture wound:p, these ladies were gettin pushy and they were taking no prisoners. So then we wait and wait and wait for the doors to open and then they finally come out and do the ribbon cutting and the women all take out their cameras and start snapping pics. I was dying to ask if anyone was a member of the TPF but I was rather intimidated:s. The doors swing open and there is a mad dash to the handbag section and honestly I was frightened, lol. Everything was coming out of the displays and women were buying up those birkins and exotic Kelly's...The bags were sooo lovely. and...............I GOT MY FIRST H BAG!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    I swear I floated home on a cloud!!:love:

    Ok so its not as extravagant as some of your birkins and kelly's but I love it!! I dont know the name of it but its a clutch and its Fabullous:wlae:
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  3. congrats and please post pics !
  4. Wow! That's what I call great kismet. What a way to induct yourself into the orange club!

  5. [​IMG][​IMG]
  6. Congratulations. Please kindly post picture. :flowers:
  7. [​IMG][​IMG]
  8. oh and I got a yellow scarf:nuts:
  9. WOW! What a great day for you! How lucky you were to be there for the H grand opening!! The clutch is a Jige and it's gorgeous. I love that it is leather-lined... some are lined in a linen-like material. The inside of yours is gorgy!! Congratulations and use that beauty in good health!!!
  10. Thanks Kallie!!!! I was sooooo excited!! Its sooo cute and I can wear it both day ad evening, especially since I wear alot of black
  11. It was fate! Congrats. It's only the beginning...
  12. Congrats on your first H purchase, the bag is lovely.I can really feel your excitement :smile:
  13. YEAH! Congrats on your first "H" experience and first bag! She is a beauty! It was kismet...I had it happen to me too last week...Wooooo Hoooo!:tup:
  14. Oh wow....very exciting! There is no turning back now:p. Congratulations on your Jige - she's lovely!
  15. Thanks Asa, Duncan, Ghost, and wingnut!!!!! I am really happy.