I Am Very Upset!!!

  1. So i noticed the other day that part of my tassels on the outer pocket where not the same length, so I thought it had just pulled lose and I readjusted it. Today in the car I found about 6" of tassel in the back seat, apparently having broken off! :hysteric: I treat my purse like my own child and I am so sad that this has happened! Is this normal? Do they easily break off??? :crybaby:
  2. Mine broke off after the second time of use too!!! I called BalNY right away and they sent me an extra one though..... but now the other ones are starting to do the same soon....
  3. The same thing happened with my first bag, but I called the store where I bought it right away and they sent me another pair.
  4. :wtf: oh no!!! thats not cool!!! ***hugs*** totally give BalNY a call and see what they can do for you!
  5. I'm one of the fews who doesn't have a tassle problem. I use my ink to death and they're still fine. But it's a known problem. I'm sorry to hear it happened to you as well.
  6. sorry to hear about your tassels!
    i haven't had this problem yet. i can't believe it just broke off on its own!

  7. I haven't had any problems either.....I hope this is not common!:sad:
  8. Some people just make a knot onto where it fell off..
  9. one of my ink tassels split horizontally across one side of the tassel... rules of the road I guess!
  10. Sorry to hear that, rose. My cornflower tassels split all the way down, so now it looks like four strings instead of two!
  11. my eggplant tassles all split, but i still love them because it means more tassles hanging there :P
    but i'm scared with my classique '02 because the tassles is slimmer & thinner :crybaby: but i try to cheer myself by keeping the pics of kate moss & sienna wearing their classique without the tassles
  12. Oh, my! No tassels? How sad! :crybaby:
  13. mine is still with tassles, but you all know, these tassles won't last as long as the bag...
    we better prepare for the worst girls...
  14. My cat ripped one of my tassles in half when I first got the bag - I just replaced it with one of the left overs.
  15. That happened with my caramel!- half the tassle ripped off- I found it on my floor! I am hoping some leather place can make me an extra set since I don't have any spares! Still I wouldn't trade the bag for the world!