I am very thankful for my fellow TPF members because...

  1. -you've allowed me not to feel alone in my appreciation of a beautiful bag and it's design
    -you've help me make decisions on whether or not I should sell
    -you share your quirky habits with me too, like missing sold bags or taking bags out of storage to admire them
    -you share great tips on bag maintenance (such as Leather Surgeons and Cadillac cleaner)
    -I get info about upcoming seasons and price listings
    -you provide me with lots and lots of eye candy (some I have gone out and purchased, because of you)

    What makes you thankful? What does TPF provide for you? Do you have a story and TPF members helped you?
  2. I am thankful for all of the above plus alot of the members here are like virtual bff's :p and also....

    -You help me see the value or lack thereof in potential purchases.
    -You share in my delight with purchases
    -You allow me to come to you for research on my item prior to buying and most times provide reliable feedback.
    -I live for the sale intel and you help me save money with coupon codes :smile:
  3. +1
    I should have signed up long ago
  4. This is all so sweet & true...lovely sentiment Sourisbourne!!! I'm most thankful for ALL of the truly AMAZING, kind, fun people on here & there are definitely a few (& they know who they are) that are indeed like "virtual BFF's" & I hope to meet them someday in person! All the best to everyone!:flowers:
  5. I agree, it's like a special girlfriends club around here. I adore you all and love all the photos!!!!
  6. In addition to everything that's already been mentioned, I also love the mod shots and seeing how everyone styles their Chanels. :heart:
  7. Awesome folks, wonderful vibes, and a great thread!
  8. I'm thankful for you guys coz of your sweet and kind gestures:smile:
  9. I'm so thankful for all members in this forum. I have been able to purchase items without reservation at times since most of my research is done in this forum from eye candy to upcoming seasons list, pictures, tags, SA and members speak their truth to warm others of making costly mistakes. I am happy there is a forum to share our love for Chanel obsession and many more other luxury item. Thank you to all members!!
  10. In all honesty, the ladies from the CHANEL forum have been the sweetest and most supportive! Everyone has been super friendly, down to earth and helpful...The complete opposite of what I thought you gals would be like before I started posting here! lol.

    I figured "Oh they're going to be a bunch of snooty women" but boy, was I wrong. I'm so happy I found you ladies (and gents)! :girlsigh::heart::hbeat:
  11. I am thankful for:
    • that you allow me an outlet to share my joy in bags. You save me from talking DH's ears off with purse obsessing.
    • that you share so much information on bags, both news, opinions, and sales.
    • that I may live vicariously through you. I get to share in the joy of the purchase of beautiful new bags without worrying about how it'd suit my lifestyle or where to fit it in my closet.
    • that you're just generally amazing, kindred spirits.
  12. +1 couldn't have said it better :heart:
  13. Great thread! I am thankful for my tpf fellow members for being such a positive platform to share our lovelies without being judged, amazing advices and always ahead of what new each season. Thank you everyone :heart:
  14. Grateful to all the TPFers who allow us to see different Chanels available in other countries- and indulge in global Chanel lust!
  15. It's always nice to feel understood and that you're not alone in this obsession! I'm grateful for that as well as the above mentioned reasons as well :smile: