I am very mad about the custom!!

  1. Finally, I decided to bring my hermes box with me and I put my older birkin into the box and placed it in another box to protect it. On the other hand, I hand carry my new birkin as my handbag.

    At the australia custom, firstly when I processed the tax refund they asked me million questions about " why this bag worth so much". then.. next challenge... for the X-ray machine. I put my birkin onto one of those plastic tray and I assume it would be fine. Then the smart lady custom officer just took off the tray (cos she think my bag dont need a tray) and throw it into the Xray! I feel " SHxxT" and when it came out.. at the other end, as usual.. it crashed to other ppl's luggage.. but surprisingly that's no scratch on my bag's hardware.. what a LUCKY day!!

    when I arrived NZ. another challenge for my new baby. the custom searched my luggage.. and they found I have 3 handbags ( YSL, 2 birkin) they asked me millions question regarding the price.. and when they try to take out the Hermes box, they BROKE it !! YES!! they did!! althrough, it just a small damage but I feel so mad and upset.. and they dont even apologies. they said.. it is an accident! that is!!

    and they even said something like " nobody ask you to buy such an expensive bag like that and I dont see anything special from your bag! " because I mentioned when they pull the box like that, it just like throwing a Rolex watch on the floor.

    Overall it is a Horrible experience! I am so upset. because in NZ we dont have Hermes store.. so I guess I wont be able to get another replacement box.
  2. So sorry to hear about your awful experience!!!! I would definitely complain to their superiors if possible. I am glad your baby is ok but so sorry to hear about the box. :cry: Maybe the store could send you another once you explain what happened?
  3. OMG! I would be pissed, but it is better that you kept a cool head and remained a lady because Customs officers are usually on a power trip and just LOVE to tortue you! And am so glad to hear that you and your birkins (ad ysl) got home safe and sound! Can you call the store and see if they can send you another box?
  4. So sorry to hear about the terrible experience Chloe :shame:

    I would be mad as hell too if the officer decided to take out the tray from protecting my bag before it goes to be x-rayed. Luckily, so far that never happens, they let me use the tray, and I def need the damn tray or else I might not want to put it in the dirty belt. I love officers in Singapore, I guess they've seen a lot of ladies with Hermes bags already, and when they see me with my birkin, they just automatically hand you a tray.

    Overall, Hermes or not, I always demand a tray to put my handbag in before the x-ray. No handbag should be tortured with that dirty belt!

    Chloe, now that it's all over.. you can finally enjoy your birkin with ease :idea:
  5. Talk nicely and I am sure you can get another box...especially if you explain what happened.
  6. Sorry to hear about your experience but I'm glad that your Birkins are fine. I agree with the others to ask the store if they could send you a new box.

    Did you have to pay customs taxes when entering NZ? If not, at least that's one good thing.
  7. Oh, No!!! That is terrible. I hate when things are that difficult!! All you want is to just go home! Well, I am glad you're home safely with all your bags. Maybe you can call and aske for a new box to be shipped to you? Tell them the story, maybe they will feel sorry for the trouble and send you one...
  8. Oh, that's just terrible!! Some people are so rude and inconsiderate sometimes. I'm glad your bag made it out okay.
  9. So far no tax has been charged because based on the NZ law.. they are not allow to charge tax for personal use item. but you know they've been looking for my 3 bags for ages and discussed aside with another 2 customs to find some ways to tax me.. that is horrible.

    they asked me is it fior personal use, cos they think some pplmight scare and say it is for my friend. then " they can tax you" ! horrible!
  10. Oh I'm so sorry about the box ChloeSS.
    Aww it's painful~

    Now I understand why uou were so eager to bring home the box... no Hermes in NZ~

    You need a hug~
  11. Oh I'm sorry chloe! What an awful experience for you. I hope you can get another box!
  12. I'm appalled by this! What right does that agent have to tell you how much something should or should not cost? Heck, there are collectable postage stamps that sell for more than Birkins!
    Thank goodness your Birkin is okay!!
  13. I agree with Greentea^^. But I actually had the same experience myself, when coming back from the UK. I had bought a coat there, and the customs officer asked me how much it had cost. It wasn't even that pricey a coat, but when I told him the cost, he actually made like he didn't believe me and said "you spent that much... for a coat" -- very rude tone of voice.

    I think that customs officials specialize in a certain brand of rudeness.
  14. Uhg! I'd gone Naomi on their asses!
  15. You are too nice! If the conveyor belt lady had thrown my Birkin (yea right, like I have one) onto the belf, I woulda screamed bloody hell and bopped her one good.