I am very curious..Does anyone know???

  1. I know parchemin Birkin/Kelly comes with leather covered lock just like white Birkin/Kelly.
    But I have seen a couple of pictures on this forum and eBay parchemin Birkin with uncovered lock. Does anyone know why some of them have uncovered lock vs. many of them I usually see come with covered lock??? I am very curious..:confused1: Anyone??

  2. I would call the store with that one. I have seen only one, and it was covered.
  3. Thank you avandome! I thought about asking my SA.. But I was hoping someone from tpf could answer my question before I bother my SA with this silly question..:p:lol:(you know...SAs are usually busy at the store..!)
  4. I read somewhere (was it Wikipedia? not sure) that any locks can be SO'd with leather coverings. Guessing that the covered locks were all special ordered.
  5. mine was not special ordered but the lock was covered....i wonder why? cant answer that either.
  6. I've only seen one with a covered lock.
    Maybe it depends on the leather?
  7. My 30cm swift parchemin birkin with pall hardware has an uncovered lock.
  8. The Parchemin birkin 35 cm with gold hw I got my wife for Christmas was not covered...and when I told her that I thought it was covered, she said she like it just fine without the cover...as the gold contrast really shows off more with the Parchemin background...but that's her taste. But like you, I am still confused and I still don't understand who makes that desicion though...anyone? Could it be random or oversight? I guess that's the question...
  9. When craftspeople get bored, and they have extra leather, maybe they cover the locks? S'long as it's Parchemin?
  10. This is an interesting thread. I wonder why the difference.
    I put the locks the bags come with away and use cadenas.
  11. From what I can gather, the craftsmen seem to have some artistic license - I've seen non special order bags from the stores that have different colored stitching on the handles to the rest of the bags, resin being a different color (as opposed to the standard resin color for that particular color leather) etc etc. So perhaps the craftsman can decide whether or not to coat the lock with the leather too?
  12. You did see it on Wikipedia b/c that's where my info came from as well.
  13. I was told by my SA that Parchemin bags come with covered lock (like white bags). But am surprise to hear now that apparently some does and some not. Really curious to know why the difference. Initially I thought it could due to different hardware, but that doesn't seem to be the case. :shrugs:
  14. my parchemin togo kelly with GH did not come with a covered lock. i think the extra "sparkle" of the gold against the leather is pretty though.
  15. I'm sorry to hijack this thread but since a lot of tpfers here have bags in parchemin, I thought it's easier to reach you all. Is parchemin a high maintenance colour? I don't really baby my bags, but I love the colour. No go?