i am usually not big on pink, but...

  1. look how gorgeous this color is! i hope the rest of the spring colors coming out will be this pretty!

  2. thats pretty nice! i think i like it more than his previous pink shades b/c of the gold hardware. Most of the other stuff is silver right?

    does anyone know what the name of this shade is?
  3. That is really pretty!!! I have my eye on that one too...I think this is the rose color.
  4. i saw this last weekend- i thought about getting it for a minute- but i had to have the lilac.
  5. OMG!!! I'm ALL OVER the bright colors this season! Thats super HAAAAAWT!!! See, this is so killer, i think gold hardware makes it look a bit more expensive and classier...? Don't cha think? :shrugs:
  6. WOW! I am deffinitely a pink girl, that is beautiful! Does anyone know if there are handbags in that color? thanks, giselle
  7. So pretty!
  8. ^^^ Giselle - Yes, Lots o' handbags - That is the color "rose" in the soft calf line. Look at the 2008 pics and you'll see the new Sofia and Blake.
  9. Gosh that is beautiful!! Where is it available online?
  10. cute! but i cant pull off pink.

  11. It looks like the stock photo is from the eluxury site. I want to see this one IRL :smile:
  12. I would have to drive 6 hours or more to see any MJ IRL!!!:crybaby:
  13. Thanks for the info Abbythe! giselle
  14. Ahhhh! I love pink and this color is to die for.
    I think I will be purchasing my first full-price Zip Clutch soon.
  15. :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:

    Oh my...I think I just had a heart attack!!! That color is amazing! :nuts::nuts: