I am undecided on the Heritage tote... :(

  1. Well, I was going to order the large heritage tote in pink today but I didn't.. I had the chance, but after seeing other peoples' reactions to it I am iffy.. Maybe the large is too much ? I don't have a lot of Signature and I may feel weird with that much and a big pink stripe down it :shrugs: I really like that it can just be wiped off though, that is a PLUS! and it's so darn cute.. I really do love pink:love: Am I being blinded by the pink cuteness?

    Is it very stiff? I don't know if that will work for me.

    I am thinking of passing and getting a Large Leather Ergo Tote ( if that new one comes in large and pebbled OH MY! or even last year's)... or ordering the heritage to see for myself... what should I do ???

    ( I hate to feel so much drama about a purse, LOL )
  2. I personally love the tote. But I'm feeling a little bummed. It seems like no one is liking the line anymore. I did love the bag, but it seems to be getting some negative reactions. I dunno.....I am feeling really bad about it.......I've been looking at the bag all night, wondering, "am I too old for this bag?" So I was in love, but now I guess I am being swayed. I dunno.......
  3. Sorry for my rant...lol. I think you should think about whether or not the tote is your style. Is it something you would normally wear? Do you like a lot of pink? You could ask yourself those kind of questions. And like you said, it wouldn't hurt to order it and try it on, not taking the tags off. Good luck!

    Edit: I forgot to answer your question--no it's not stiff at all. It's actually very soft. It's really light and comfortable to wear too.
  4. LAltiero85 sweetie.. if you're too old for this bag then I would be really ancient lol and I LOVE this bag. You said you love this bag didn't you? Each person has her own styles and preferences, that doesn't mean the bag is not pretty right?
    But I can assure you that you are not at all OLD for this bag :woohoo:

  5. Tara.. I guess my advice would be to see it in person or to order both the sizes like you've said on the other thread and if there is really no love, you can always return it.
    No it's not stiff like LA said.

    La, I guess the reason why they were not liking it is because of the "new" texture (or the wrong sizes and or something else :smile: I'm also liking this tote so much. I'm 30'ish and the pink maybe too old for me too but hey I like pink so I bought it. And BTW, did you notice the back of the tote? It is too cute too, If you don't want to show the front with the stripes, you can turn it around for another look hehe

  6. Thanks LA, really I do appreciate your rants:roflmfao: And you are not too old for it! I'm almost 26 and I think it is cute as a button! I just am not used to buying signature bags like this. I have been asking myself these questions.. and I guess if you looked at my current collection of bags, no, this one may not be "my style" But I do like pink... I have the Magenta Duffle and I love it! I think it's the large size I am considering coupled with the signature fabric.. I am just not used to it.. I have mostly leather bags, except for my chocolate carly and denim tote (that I am considering selling), and my Black/Khaki Ali ( that I am also iffy about)

    I love the ergo tote, I bought a black one at the outlet when I got the citron shoulder bag but I returned it because I didn't want it in black... now I feel like I should have kept the ergo and returned the shoulder bag, LOL!

    I'm a mess! :lol:
  7. Oh yes! I love the bag also! LOVE that little snap!
  8. Thanks Danielle, you are always so sweet.
  9. Yes, I'm always good at ranting...lol!:lol:

    Let's look at it this way. You have the magenta bleecker duffle, and that is your taste of pink. You like the leather, and that seems to be your style. I'm going to be honest and say that I don't think you'll like this bag if you like leather more. I think you have more of a classic style, judging by your current collection. Does that help at all?
  10. Tara, if you already don't have that special feeling for the bag then maybe just wait for another bag.. maybe that Large Leather Ergo tote, hopefully it is pebbled. I personally love pebbled leather so much and it is very easy to take care off too!!
    Good luck with your decision :flowers:

  11. Thanks Danielle! I do get a happy feeling when I see it, it's so happy and cute :p I love the idea of it being more carefree than a Leather Tote.. since I do have small kids and I take my bags with me all the time.. Don't you just wish you could have every bag you want? :upsidedown:
  12. NOW we're talking!!! :crybaby::sweatdrop::yahoo:
    .. Don't you just wish you could have every bag you want? :upsidedown:[/quote]
  13. I think that tote in the right size is just adorable. I don't think it's too young, because it has a classy look about it. It is far more "grown up" than the scribble line...but who really cares about that? If you like a purse, wear it! Life is too short to be worrying about that...and I'm lots older than you gals!!:tup:
  14. Too bad they don't make the color scheme into an ergo tote :'(
  15. Tara I think you should order the bag and try it on for a little while and see if you like it or not. I ordered a bag (the lilac stripe Hampton) because I saw everyone else getting it, then when I got home and tried it on I really didn't like it. So I returned it and got my Gardenia Leigh. You can always return it but you can never know unless you try. Maybe it is time to put some signature in your collection. If you are really looking at this bag then you must like it because you are usually a leather kind of gal. So IMO I would try it out and see if it works for you and your lifestyle.