I am trying to lose 1 lb a week. Any tips?

  1. I'm so huge right now. I had a really complicated pregnancy and it was hard for me physically and emotionally so I didn't feel like working out and dieting, but now my baby's doing better and I want to start with the post-pregnancy weight loss.

    My 1 year goal is 40 lbs, and if that goes well I want to lose another 20 (to be at my high school weight).

    I'm not really used to dieting and stuff, so any tips are helpful! My biggest hurdle is probably the fact that I can't leave the house right now because of the baby, so taking walks and exercise classes aren't an option for me.
  2. Drink a lot of water, eat breakfast when you wake up, try to walk (weather permitting) every day, don't eat anything past 7 pm...these are some little things to get you on your way to your goal...
  3. If you can't leave the house to go on walks, can you invest in an exercise bike? Put it in front of the TV and every time you want to watch, sit in the bike and pedal.
  4. The bike sounds like a good idea. I wanted to get a treadmill at first, but our townhome is too small for it, especially with all of the baby gear taking up space. Are there any good, relatively inexpensive exercise bikes that you'd recommend?
  5. Cardio and eat less carbs. Drink water when you feel like eating something is not good for you. Diet and excersise is the only way, if you cant leave the house buy a Workout DVD, pilates and CARDIO.
  6. Ohh I forgot, congragulations on your baby, I am glad you and the baby are doing better. Good luck.
  7. I think you are on the right track by taking it slow, 1 lb a week. Don't starve or skip meals. Just concentrate on eating healthy and moving more. Think before you eat and when you want to eat something try to think if there is a healthier alternative to that food, example ice cream vs. lowfat yogurt.
  8. Congrats on the baby. I would suggest cutting out soda and upping your water intake. Also, I don't have room for an exercise bike, but I love cardio DVDs. You feel like a dope doing them sometimes, but they're excellent exercise!
  9. get a kickboxing dvd and do it 3 times a week. It's tons more fun than other forms of cardio.
  10. Congrats on your baby!

    My biggest recommendation would be to start doing small exercise with a friend on a regular basis--walking, a class, anything. Don't feel like you have to do it every day but pick a couple of days a week and set something up.

    It's amazing how you can get momentum this way. I used to always blow off my exercise intentions when I would do it on my own but having someone else waiting on me makes sure I make it a priority.

    Congrats and good luck!
  11. I recommend bicycling! that is a great way to lose weight, one summer i was bicycling ever other weekend and lost about 12 pounds.

    or do yoga
  12. i swear by yoga and a treadmill (i live in a small space and have a space saver one). yoga takes up almost no space and if your new to it, try some dvds. as for the weight loss, id cut back on carbs, and up protein, veggies, and water. once you get moving, it'll melt right off
  13. okay, walk on the treat mill 5times a week. 40min. mph 40, incline 3.0. i'm doing it right now, it helps :biggrin: and u get a tight butt and slim leg, better than run :biggrin:
  14. I hear the bike loses the least amount of calories for home cardio equiptment.... I have no idea was is the best (probably jogging on TM) I have a bike at home but more use my cross trainer instead.... I definitly work up more of a sweat of that.

    wooooo new baby!! so exciting!! great news congrats to you and your family!!
  15. Can you not put your baby in a stroller and take him/her with you for a walk/light jog?
    If not, go buy a jump rope and use that for 5 minutes or so whenever you have free time. Then do some jumping jacks. Easy and free to do. As far as diet, cut sugars and fats, but not completely. Your body still needs fat and sugars...just lower them. Eat lean meats like tuna chicken or pork. Legumes and veggies too. Non refined starches like whole wheat bread and wheat pasta.