I am trying to find MJ zip clutches

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  1. with silver hardware..looked everywhere..none of the stores have it anymore..I wanna buy another one as a backup:P Is this even possible..or should i give up..
  2. What color are you looking for?

    MJ boutiques still have them.
  3. black..i already have a brown..thanks
  4. Black should be extremely hard to find. You can try calling any MJ boutique, a SA will be able to look it up for you.

    I know they still have Dark Indigo (the version with maroon stitching/lining), Thistle, Rust, etc.
  5. thankyou..i will try that..
  6. Also, try ebay! I'm a little leary of it myself, but I know some people find awesome deals on there. Good luck!
  7. I am really scared to get one off ebay..i am gonna keep looking out for this..want a black zipclutch to match the sophia bag:P
  8. ^ I hope you can find it, I'm crossing my fingers for you.

    I'm not an ebay girl as well, I'll browse for fun only.
    I bought 4 discontinued bags before. They are from familiar sellers: Leshent, a wonderful PFer, and 2 whom I have to ask other friends (MJ & Balenciaga experts) to check all the details and previous transactions. I'm scared of super fakes, it's too stressful for me. If the item is still available in store, I won't take that route no matter how good the price is.
  9. Thankyou so much :smile: I got some gc's to Nordstrom(with a 40% off)..so if i could find this in that store...that would make my day:yes:
  10. nordstrom in san francisco sells marc jacobs...
    try giving them a call...
  11. If I have some time tomorrow, I will ask Stella (MJ_LA) or Alfredo (MJ_Boston) to look it up for you.
  12. I know how you feel..I wanted the exact same clutch..black w/ silver hardware..One night I called 8 Saks stores...I called the MJ boutique in NY...I was stressing (this was in the past few months)...Finally I kept searching ebay everyday...FINALLY one auction came up that wasn't fake...I posted the item in the "AUthenticate this" thread and I was assured it was the real deal..I was still a little nerved but I bought it..THANK GOD!! That is the best wallet I have ever owned!!! You have to be leary of ebay to protect yourself...Yes you can get duped if you're not an expert..I am not an expert on MJ...I do Ok with Coach, but I have all the catalogues and if I am doubtful I can just look at the picture...As I buy different types of bags from various designers, it gets easier, but it just takes time..Take advantage of all the great knowledge here..I do...I probably bug the s**t out of members sometimes but I always say thank you as I have learned a lot...

    But I just love MJ stuff!! SO if I'm interested in anything I post it..Tonight I won a violet sophia for $200.00..I saw it a few days ago and thithi assured me it was the real deal..It is used but it is real and it is in excellent condition...I'm not too sure of the color..I think it will be a bit loud for me but it will be fun...THis will be my first sophia so if it ends up being too small I won't feel that bad as if I had paid full price for brand new.. No stains either..pet peeve..eek! I've never bought used either so this should be interesting....Anyways..Don't give up....I'll stalk ebay as I would love another wallet as well....You want black, right? Good luck! :heart: Emmy
  13. thankyou so much..KIMAIR, BAG.LOVER & EMMY you are all very sweet..thanks again for looking out for me..
  14. mjfan, good luck finding your clutch wallet! Those sales are great right now... and don't hesitate to post in the auth thread if you decide to try ebay... I'm pretty good at those clutches now, esp now that I own one and the fakes on ebay are terrible!

    Emmy, you could never bug us enough, you're awesome! I'm glad to hear the Sophia is in good condition, no puke stains on the bottom, correct? LOL... enjoy it! If you get tired of the color, you can always sell it again on ebay. You got a wonderful deal on it!