I am trying to decide btwn these 2 bags...

  1. Hi ladies - my name is Katherine and I am new here and new to Coach. I have a PCE card and am trying to decide between these 2 bags. I can not get both right now... So, if you have either can you let me know what you like and or don't like about them?

    Also, can the blue canvas be used into Fall or is it strictly summer?

    And I see people posting about the Ali in all other colors besides that black - is there a reason for this?


  2. I have the Ali in khaki/ebony and I love the colors; they will be perfect for all seasons. You can never go wrong with black, it is classic.
  3. I would choose the black Ali because it is a classic that you can use ALL the time. It is about twice as deep as the denim bag so it will hold all your stuff. The denim is beautiful (I have a Carly in that fabric) but I would go for the Ali first.
  4. I would choose the black ali. I think it will stand the test of time more than the denim one.
  5. definitely black
  6. Yup... go with the black. :tup:
  7. Both are lovely bags. I think the black would be a classic favorite where the denim's a little more trendy. You could use the denim into fall, its got that lovely brown trim. Good luck!
  8. Katherine--go with the black--it's classy and beautiful. you could also go with the khaki/ebony one--I 'almost' bought that at the last PCE--it really is gorgeous!

  9. Black Ali definitely!!!
  10. Definitely black..that bag is SOOO gorgeous and is going to become a classic. I just don't see it going out of style.

    I'm guessing more people aren't talking about black bags in general just because it's the summer time. Come August, we'll all be talking about gorgeous, dark colors...

    Good luck!
  11. Welcome to tPF! :tup:

    I agree with everyone so far, that the black is classic and will stand the test of time!
  12. Yes, definitely the black. The Ali is really comfortable to carry - you will love it.
  13. I too will go with the majority so far. I'd go with the black. It's a classic bag and color and will work with a variety of outfits....and carrying a black bag during the summer months is perfectly fine.
  14. Black Ali!!!! I have it and LOVE it!
  15. Ditto!!