I am truly an addict for CL shoes! My collection.

  1. Some of these photos have been posted in other areas of the forum, but I figured that I would dedicate one thread since it is sale season and I can't pass up a good deal on CLs so my collection is growing.
  2. Some closeups of my favorites - the foxtrot in gold which are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, the python simple pump, pigalle in metallic gold, and the newest decollette in tortoise. I also picked up the linen peep d'orsay which I will post photos of later.
  3. Wow, what a collection! :drool: I am dying for the simple pump in python. Thanks for sharing the great photos!
  4. wow!! gorgeous collection!!
  5. Great collection! You've got some good stuff there. It is easy to feed the CL collection. I went from one pair last May to a total of eight. The last seven were purchased from March of this year until now. I am out of control. The worse part is I paid full price for all except one.
  6. Sweet collection.
  7. OMG!! What a GORGEOUS collection. I love everyone of your shoes! Enjoy them...
  8. oh my goodness, you have a fantastic collection. I hope to half a collection half as good as your's one day!
  9. Kamilla - absolutely stunning! you have lovely taste in your Louboutin choices. :heart:
  10. WOW
    What size are those python prives so i can come borrow them??? haha
    Very nice!
  11. Stunning!
  12. I love your collection especially the pythons and the gold foxtrots (which I recently got also). I am quickly becoming an addict as well!!
  13. wow what a nice collection :love:
  14. wow!! that collection is awesome! thanks for sharing
  15. All of your shoes are divine but those tortoise decolletes are killing me.:drool: Beautiful collection, thanks for sharing.:heart: