I am totally new to Balenciaga, what's a good "starter" bag?

  1. Any ideas would be great, oh and pictures too! I'm thinking something in a deep red, or actually any colour :smile:
  2. a rouge theatre 05 First or City depending on what size of bag you like would definitely get you hooked.;)

    here's a pic of my RT 05 City.......

  3. I'd say black city!!
  4. any color that you love in the city style would be a great starter bbag!
  5. I agree...

    The City at least, for sure, and then pick a colour you like.

    Black is always good :yes:
  6. I second this. I just got an ink city last week (my first bbag) and I adore it to death. It has the exact right amount of space for my every day needs. Any smaller and I'd be stuffing it, any larger and it would feel too tote like:smile:
  7. Depends on your wardrobe. I you have a lot of neutrals, I think color would be great. But if you have a lot of color, you would probably want to pick a neutral bag. I would also recommend (if you can) going to a store where they sell them and trying them on to see which style suits you the best.
  8. thanks girls, so it's called a City? Also where can I buy these in the UK? I live right near Harvey Nichs but I dont see this brand there :sad: Also I think I'll probably get a neutral one to start off with, I wanna be able to use it :smile: Is there a list somewhere or somewhere online I can view the bags and the shades? :smile: *hugs*
  9. I will say Blue India considering looking at your avatar. I am sure you will like Blue India, besides it's a good color for all year round.

    Black is good too, and you can buy black any time. Other colors are like limited edition. You can get it this seaosn but maybe not in the next season.
  10. Venetia, welcome to the Balenciaga world!!!

    Here's a GREAT website, maintained by a lovely PFer - with everything you want to know...about the sizes, prices, colors, where to buy...

  11. Black City my favourite Bbag!
  12. thanks so much girls :smile:
  13. Harvey Nichols Edinburgh is listed as a Balenciaga retailer. The chain for sure carries them, so hopefully you can find some there to check out.
  14. Gotta be a black City!! :nuts: I just got one and it's my ultimate fav, even over my rouge vif City!! :p
  15. Don't forget to consider what you want to use it for... I started with a Classique size because I just wanted it as a wallet/keys/sunglasses/lipbalm etc purse, nothing too large.