I am torn...

  1. Should I get the GST in black or in the new dark bordeaux. Any suggestions since I have the coco cabas, large diamond stitch tote, medallion tote and jumbo classic all in black. But the GST looks great in black. I need to add another depth to my chanel bags. Those of you who have the bag or have seen it in person what do you think?
  2. Sounds like you have a lot of black Chanel bags so bordeaux may be a good idea. It looks like a gorgeous rich color.
  3. ^^ITA!!! I have yet to see this color IRL, but it looks gorgeous from the pics......
  4. Since you have all of those gorgeous black bags you mentioned, maybe the Bordeaux would be a nice change of pace. :smile: I have the dark brown GST myself, and the color is rich and beautiful... from what I've seen, the Bordeaux is too, though with purplish undertones to it. Try the bag out and make sure you love it, otherwise, you can always do the black haha. :smile:
  5. bordeaux with e a good change :smile:
  6. i agree! i like the bordeaux the color is really unique but when i saw the dark brown, i fell in love!
  7. I agree...bordeaux. I haven't seen this in person yet, but from the pics it looks like a gorgeous bag.
  8. if you have so much black already, bordeaux might be a nice way to spice things up. it will still go with everything, just like the black. also, it will add a nice pop to your outfits. you are right though, there is something about a black gst that just looks so perfect.
  9. The bordeaux looked very cranberry-ish to me IRL. I wasn't as impressed with it as I was with the dark brown. Chanel got it right with the dark brown, it is gorgeous!
  10. I have seen the bordeaux and I think it is pretty. It will be a nice change from all the blacks that you own.
  11. I know the dilemma you are in. I keep trying to force the beige gst into my collection, but it never looks as good as the black to me. So, try them both out in the store, if the black looks better just get it or vice versa.
  12. Another one for the bordeaux :yes:
  13. I have the black GST and am getting the bordeaux GST for my brown attire. Either way, you can't go wrong!
  14. I've never seen the bordeaux. Personally I'd go with the black or dark brown. They're all lovely though so you can't go wrong. It's Chanel!
  15. I've seen the bordeaux in person and its gorgeous!!:drool::drool::heart::drool: