I am torn need some advice...

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  1. Ok so I have been torn between the speedy 30 in ebene or azur. I a
    am so im love with the azur but am afraid of colour transfer and the weather where I live. But alot of people said they have not had issues with this bag. So then I have been considering the speedy in ebene but have heard of people have trouble with the handles peeling. I want a fun bag that I can carry everyday. Help please:biggrin:
  2. I am having the same problem. Being that it is taking me quite a while to save for this bag, I want to make the right choice, but I keep going back and forth.
  3. I'm in Canada (really bad weather) and see a lot of azur (and mono with vachetta) that looks grubby. I wouldn't buy anything other than ebene myself - I have to save for it too so I don't want to get something that won't look good after a short time.
  4. I would lean towards Ebene for a speedy - because you have to hold the handles all the time with azur speedy, which would mean they would get dirty.

    Get an azur shoulder bag instead...
  5. Azur. It sounds like you like it more so you'll be happier with it. If you get ebene you wont be able to stop thinking about the azur.
  6. I agree, my friend has an azur speedy and the handles look bad. Ebene is really low maintenance, and you wont have to stress about taking it out in bad weather there. The peace of mind will make a huge difference. Plus, its not too bad to look at :smile:
  7. I have a mono speedy, and I was also worried about getting water stains. So prior to using it, I sprayed my bag with Kiwi protectant.

    Ebene is totally worry free, so if this is your first bag, get ebene first, then azur later.

    But if you really love azur (and you have to wait a long time in between LV purchases like me), then better get the one you love right away.
  8. It's best not to settle, otherwise you'll end up with both bags (which may not be a bad idea....:graucho:) But honestly, I've avoided bags, saying they're high maintenance or whatever only to lust after them and get them a few months, or weeks:nuts:, later.
    As long as you use the bag and not let it sit in your closet, I'd get the Azur- don't be afraid to use it but don't abuse it, that's my motto.

    I have an Azur Speedy and Galliera PM and love them to death. I find myself grabbing them often and wearing them year-round. I'm just careful with rainy weather.
  9. I love both so it is hard for me to vote either way. Saying that I have stayed away from Azur because I am not very easy on my bags and honestly I don't like to have to worry about my bags all the time. Ebene is just so, so easy to deal with.
  10. if you love the azur better then i say get it. you'll be happier with it

    i personally prefer the ebene but i like to use my bags and don't want to have to worry about ruining them. i have a mono speedy and people always say that can get stains, etc but i have zero problems with it
  11. Ebene..totally worry free and such a classic!!
  12. Azur! Mine is three years and it's still perfect as new :love:

    I used to have an ebene speedy before, but already sold it lol
  13. I would get an ebene speedy then just get an azur shoulder bag later on
  14. Ebene speedy!
  15. If you are in love with the azur please get the azur...enjoy your life!