I am torn in between *HELP*

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  1. Uh kay...
    I'm so in love with Portobello for a long time, it's a unique bag, and I simply love it...

    but then when I see Chevron Green lamb, i want it tooooooooo!!! :faint:

    *pic from a fellow in TPF

    moreover my friend has found this lamb green in jumbo size!! awwww :wlae::wlae::wlae:

    and i need your suggestion please. which one is more worth it?

    because I just bought maxi caviar red 10C last month and maxi lamb black lamb gold hw this month, so i need to take a deep breath :lecture:
  2. i'm glad you alreayd score 2 flaps before the price increase! tough choice, normally i'd say go for the protobello but i think it'll be harder to locate green chevron later. Green Chevron will be my choice :yes:
  3. classic chic: yeah.. the consideration is I'm afraid that I won't get the portobello too because from what I knew that Portobello exist only for Spring season ?!?

    do you think chevron can be a classic piece too? It's really growing on me day after day...
  4. Portobello has been released in many seasons, I think this is like the third season thus far. Chevron definitely fall under classic, the flap and the Chevron design both speak classic :yes:
  5. I'm in love ....chevron is so so nice,and this color... outstanding! I'll go 4 chevron and it's classic design 4 sure!
  6. its a very nice shade of green! i'll say go for the chevron green
  7. green chevron!!
    its such a nice shade of green as well.
  8. I say green cheveron!
  9. Green!!!!!
  10. Classic Chic, Jasmina, valerie_hh, pingers, erinrose, crisn11: thanks for the suggestion. yeah i think green chevron will be the winner..

    any idea that this beauty will come in maxi size? coz so far I just found it in jumbo size :smile:
  11. go green:graucho:
    Do you know if this chevron comes in other sizes?
  12. green
  13. That would be a easy one for me since I'm not a fan of the Portobello. Go green :smile:
  14. Another vote for green!
  15. the green chevron is very nice. personally much prefer to portobello