I am torn: Have the Red Ergo Patchwork, but eyeing the Hampton


Which bag is cuter/should I go for:

  1. Keep the The Red Ergo Patchwork

  2. Go for The New Red Hampton Satchel

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  1. [​IMG]

    I love the patchwork, bought the denim one in June(a little smaller one)
    But I haddd to come to the coach website and see what's new...I am really liking the Hamptons Leather Satchel!!


    Normally I like shoulder bags, but this one is so cute, that I would consider deviating from my norm LOL...Just a fun poll to see which bag is more popular among the coach crowd!;)

    Thanks for participating in my poll :smile:
  2. The patchwork is pretty but that signature leather hamptons bag is AH-MA-ZING! I vote for that bag...can you imagine what that bag can bring to everthing from jeans to a black suit?

    Man, now I want one...:nuts:
  3. Another vote for the satchel. The embossed leather is :drool:.

    LOL I've thought that about everyone's new purchases posted here the last few days! I think I've decided then...
  4. Im voting for the satchel- its classic so youll be able to use it foreverrr whereas the patchwork may not be.
  5. I like the Hamptons better as well.. it's more classic, but with a little twist!
  6. I like the look of the Hampton's too. I think the Ergo is gorgeous but seems more limited to Fall/Winter where the Hampton's could be a year round bag. Are you ok with a flap compared to a zipper opening? I tend to overlook these details when I am drooling over a new bag! LOL Just trying to think of everything for ya. :yes:
  7. I don't really care for the red ergo patchwork but the Hamptons Leather Satchel is TDF :yahoo:
  8. I'm sorry, but I just love the patchwork. Not to mention that it would more difficult to get another time. I'd keep the patchwork if it were me.
  9. I am always partial to any and all Hamptons bags.
  10. i love the ergo, but also, if u arent used to arm bags, u wont really like the hamptoms and probably wont use it
  11. The satchel will last alot longer and be easier to keep clean than the patchwork. Go for the satchel!
  12. I LOVE the Hampton! Its georgeous!
  13. Definitely Hamptons satchel! So classic and will look fabulous even 10 years from now! The red patchwork Ergo might tend to look dated later on...
  14. The Hamptons Satchel is gorgeous and the straps are very comfortable. It can also fit on the shoulder in a pinch but it is an arm bag. Just make sure to put you things into it in the store and see if it will annoy you getting something out of it, because of the turnlock and flap.
  15. Ohhhh, I like the satchel! I'm just not a big fan of patchwork bags, but love patchwork wristlets. I guess I just like patchwork in moderation. Haha.