I am torn between saddle city GGH, raisin city GGH and chataigne city GGH....help!!

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  1. what will be your vote on the above named bags...i told my SA i will get back to her by the end of the day...i am more inclined to get the saddle GGH though...any thoughts?
  2. I would vote for the Raisin GGH. After seeing pics of Missty's work I just can't get over how beautiful that combo is!
  3. Go with what you like best. If I had to choose, I'd go with Raisin GGH.
  4. I'd pick Raisin.
  5. i would pick raisin.
  6. I'm really like dark purple-gold combination, so if I were you I would choose raisin... but seems that you're more into brown. I think you should get the one you really like, instead of what others said.
  7. Chataigne ggh - uberbeautiful combo.
  8. Chataigne GGH - very classy.
  9. thanks gals....raisin is gorgeous aint it....but somehow my heart says saddle....does anyone have a pic of the chataigne GGH...i cant find it here...
  10. raisin ggh for me , i don't like saddle :sad:
  11. I had saddle ggh city. To be honest the hardware and the leather are too matchy matchy and the bag is boring IMO. Chataigne then again is more deep brown and gold pops out more - looks much better. Then again saddle has gorgeous leather. looks great with silver.
  12. Raisin GGH gets my vote.
  13. thanks gals....u gals are real darlings....i have decided to get the raisin and the chataigne....i will post up pics when i get them....
  14. I can`t wait to see them:ninja: chataigne GGH must be a great combo!!!
  15. I can't wait to see the chataigne GGH, I'm considering getting one myself. :biggrin: