I am torn and seriously can't decide PLEASE HELP!!!


Feb 28, 2006
Hi Ladies,
I own the small Sabrina with black/silver hardware. I purchased it with the last PCE and it's been sitting in my closet unused waiting for the grey Sabrina to be released. Now that the grey Sabrina is here I don't know what to do. I seriously can't decide between the two. I love them both equaly but can only afford one. Which one would you choose and why? PLEASE help me decide!


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Oct 2, 2008
That's a tough one. I have the small black with silver and I LOVE it. I have used it almost every day since I got it. But next on my list is the grey. I think I just really love style and I thought i could use one in a dark colour and one in a light!

I'm sorry, i guess I'm not much help!!! Maybe take a look at what other coloured purses you already have and have a look at your wardrobe? Good luck deciding!


Sep 22, 2006
While I realize that grey is an "in" color right now and my opinion will probably not be in line with the majority, I love the black Sabrina with silver hardware. The Sabrina leather has a luminous quality that I feel is much better represented in the black. Additionally, black is simply classic and goes with anything and everything. Grey, being a neutral, can also be versatile, but is less likely to pop with an outfit. I also don't like the particular color of grey on the Sabrina.

So they are both beautiful bags, and you can hardly go wrong with either, but I'd stick with the black.


Mar 26, 2009
I personally like the grey one and not the black cause everyone has a black bag. grey is a bit different, its classy and you can use it all year round. I just picked up my grey yesteryday

If it you still can't decide u can always flip a coin.


May 5, 2008
Which color would u be able to use more w/ your wardrobe? I have the large black w/brass & I love it. But as soon as I got it, it was on my arm. B/c u aren't sure, go to the store & look @ them both on you. The one you feel will work best for u is the one u get. If you're still not sure, u know you can always get a Coach black bag later. Good luck & let us know your decision. Which ever u decide, u will love the Sabrina.


Feb 1, 2009
I have the small black with the silver hardware & ordered the large grey yesterday (I had previously ordered the small grey & decided I really like the large better). That said, do you have any black bags? If not, I would keep the black because it is a classic. If you have more than one black bag, keep the grey. It's a neutral; with accessories in contrasting colors, such as purple, coral, etc., it can be striking.


Feb 18, 2008
I vote black. If you can only have one, then you need one that will last a long time, and honestly the black takes a beating compared to a light grey. I wouldn't want one that you constantly have to worry about color transfer or dirt. The grey is gorgeous, but the reason everyone has a black bag, is that every woman NEEDS a black bag as a wardrobe staple.