I am too small/short for large ergo tote?

  1. Hi,

    I am 4'8" wearing size 8/10. I am actually liking medium size ergo tote. However since looking at lot of pics of tpf'ers with large ergo so I shifted my "admiration" :sweatdrop:

    The one and only coach store is about 300+km away. So, I would like to get some opinion on if the large bag might suit me or not ?

    Thank you.

    PS: Sorry, my english is not that good.
  2. I'm about 5'2 and 118 lbs and I have the large tote. It is big but not too big. Of course, I'm 4 inches taller than you so I'm not sure if it would be too big for you. I tried on a medium and it was a nice size, too. I just tend to but tons of stuff in my bags so I went with the large.
  3. If you love the large size and carry alot of stuff, I say go for it! I love my Ergo Vintage Vachetta Tote No. 11011. I am 5' 2 1/2" and weigh 121 lbs. Why don't you buy it, take it home, put your stuff in it and carry it around your house and see how you feel about it. If you don't absolutely love it you can take it back and get the smaller Ergo Tote.
  4. Thanks; ktdid and Liz for the feedback.

    I will be in the big city this weekend and goto the store itself. And definitely will try on the bag/ maybe all the bag there :rolleyes:
  5. I am 5'1" and weigh around 112. I just bought the Large Ergo Tote in black signature at Macy's during the F&F. Here it is on me:


    It's a very large bag but I wanted something to use for work that I could carry when I have a lot of stuff. I definitely prefer the size of the small tote but I got this one for functionality. I definitely don't think that you are too small for the large tote. You need to carry something that works for you!
  6. Thank you, Mokoni. It does make sense; I need to figure why I need it and justify the purpose. :yes:
  7. If you are in need of a big purse than go for it - every girl needs at least one big handbag!! Here is a pic of me with the medium one - I already have a big bag - my large carly. I am 5'6" and 114 lbs - taller than you so Imagine the bag looking bigger on you.

  8. Thank you shoulderbabies, I actually I have looked at your post pic and also of Mokoni.

    The size really suit you well. And Mokoni too. You ladies rock the bags !!

    I think Im trying to justify buying a bigger bag! hence the posting of this thread :rolleyes:
  9. you're english is actually very good!
  10. Aww.. Thank you:tender:

    OK need to goto sleep, tomorrow is working day. Have a nice day :smile:
  11. These are great Ergo tote pics! Makes me wish I'd bought one during the Macy's FF. I visited them a couple of times, but for some reason, didn't do it.

    Kicking myself now! I guess I'll hold out for the PCE.

    If you like the big bag, you should go for it.