I am thrilled!

  1. :yahoo: Hello all

    I saw the Legacy Ali bag last Saturday and fell in love. I knew I would own this bag - the only issue was the color. I narrowed my choices down to the black leather, whiskey leather, and charcoal suede. After two days, I eliminated the suede - I feared maintenance issues. Today, one of my co-workers showed up with the whiskey, with the matching wallet. She loved them. After seeing hers, and hearing her glowing reviews, I decided that whiskey would be my final choice.

    However, when I arrived at the Coach store, my SA informed me that the bag was prone to scuffing, but that added to its charm. I know myself, I would be crazed with a scuffed up $500.00 bag. So in the end, I went with the black. The whiskey is TDF, but the black is gorgeous and won't be as high maintenance as the others.

    I am so happy that Coach has introduced this line.
  2. I got that same one - black is great!
  3. Congrats on your new Legacy bag!! I have a black Legacy bag, as well. I've been carrying mine for three weeks and it looks as good as it did when it was brand new. I think the black leather is just as beautiful as the whiskey leather and I think the striped lining looks absolutely stunning against the black. Post pics - we'd all love to see it!!
  4. :true: Yes, one can never go wrong with black!
  5. :sad: nobody seems to be getting the white version (mine)

    but i won't bump into anyone wearing it :rolleyes:

    congrats on your ali! i love this bag. and the black is gorgeous, i would've gotten it but i have too much brown and i'm not a black and brown person at all.
  6. The white is beautiful, but probably not so practical here in the Northeast after Labor Day. Do you carry your white bag in the autumn?
  7. yup! i'm carrying it now. i guess i don't follow the rules ;)
  8. LOL. Rules are made to be broken.:yes:
  9. I too have been debating the legacy pocket satchel in whiskey or black. I think I am leaning toward black.
  10. Congrats!! It is such a beautiful bag.
  11. Congrats!
  12. I've had my Ali in whiskey since the day they came out and I've yet to notice any scuffing...but the black and white versions are beautiful too.
  13. redo
  14. Here is a picture of my new Ali bag.

  15. I bought the Ali in Whiskey leather with the matching wallet, and I love it..

    Really, I love any of the legacy bags, all the colors/patterns are very nice.