I am thrilled! My new Bleeker Signature bag!

  1. So, I didn't think much of this bag when I saw the stock photo but on Monday when I walked into the Coach boutique, I knew this bag was coming home with me! I love, love, love this bag and am so happy that I got it! I also got a matching wallet which is fabulous plus a patent wristlet in ruby! The cool part was that on Monday and Tuesday I got the PCE discount on the wristlet and a charm! Not on the bleeker items though but that's OK, I still LOVE it! Here's my goodies:


    And these are my Preferred Customer Event goodies. The dog is mine, the little box is a gift for my buddy :graucho: and the skull is for my dd! I got the stripe legacy heart but returned it to get the heart luggage tag!



    And this isn't the greatest pic but I wanted to show the beautiful pink inside of that wallet!


    Lastly my mom picked this up at Nordstrom's for me as a gift for taking her to the Mall of America! It was marked down 50%!! It's so cute and the leather is so soft!
  2. yay, congrats!
  3. dang girl! nice haul! i love it all!
  4. Such wonderful goodies!!! I'm trying to decide what I need from the bleecker line and I can't make up my mind! I LOVE the heart charm, it is so cute!! I may need to look at the wallets, I love the pink interior and the coach and horse on the front.
  5. Mmmm what a yummy bag, its so pretty.
  6. You bought my FAVORITE Bleecker bag even the color is what I chose! Too bad its too big for me but she was my fave out of them all!!! CONGRATS!!!! :tup:
  7. OMG...I'm so jealous!!!! What gorgeous buys!!!!! I love the bag, the wallet and the keyfobs!!!! Lucky you for getting the skull keyfob!!!!

    That bag is TDF!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!
  8. Congrats on your purchase!! I'm liking the skull keyfob more and more... *lol*
  9. Girl Congrats on your awesome haul! You have great taste. I have the Bleeker Laced Flap No. 11446 and have been carrying it exclusively. I don't even want to put this bag down to carry anything else right now. The rich chocolate color is awesome. Congrats! Enjoy!
  10. Everything is gorgeous!

    Oooh, a little brown box for your buddy? I got one for mine too! :wlae:
  11. I love that chocolate siggie Bleeker Bag T...and the wallet. Does the wallet hold 6 credit cards and have a zip for change and the tattersall lining? Thanks!!
  12. Wow, you had a great day! Everything is so beautiful, love the Bleecker with the matching wallet, gorgeous combo! Congrats on everything. :drool:

  13. Thank you, everyone!

    Lynn, it will actually hold 8 cards, there is a zippered pocket for change and yes, it has the tattersall lining in the change part and the slot for bills. It's a fabulous wallet!
  14. Beautiful set! I love the brown!

    I'm returning my PCE Carly and getting the large duffle in brown -- may have to order that wallet to go with it. I love it!
  15. that is such a great bag and i have been looking at it also, but is 10 /10 big enough for all your stuff??? seems smallish compared to my soho hobo that is 13 inches long. please any opinions would be great, as i do not have a coach store close enough to just go and look at it! thanks!!!! in advance!